19 06 2009

I got up the other night like any other night: mildly irritated, mildly horny, and mildly excited. No idea why. Hop onto my computer and pull up various sites. After thumbing through web comics, I finally hit up MMO-Champion and began to read the glorious Shaman buffage. I will take my 7% health increase, thanks. Why did you remove it in the first place? Haha.

Chain Heal becomes more awesome and viable in Ulduar, thank god. I flippin’ hated having it only hit one person and see my mana start to peter off. Wait… are you telling me that they also reduced the depreciation of the initial heal and every heal after that? Holy shnikies, Batman. What the fudge? It also works with Improved Water Shield? Jeepers, I am gonna need a cold shower sometime soon. Oh gosh, there I go. Water Shield charges are no longer expended due to Improved Water Shield. Oh, and thanks for all that sweet extra MP5.

Healing Way seems a bit more viable, as well. Especially with a 2min Nature’s Swiftness and not having to cast it intially to gain a buffage to it. Lesser Healing Wave not getting a 30% haste from Tidal Waves is pretty wicked, especially since now I am cutting it very close to hijacking the GCD and being left with my fireman in my hands. 25% crit buff instead? Thanks, I will take it. I’ll probably have to remap Healing Wave to another button on my mouse if I intend to be using it more, but like I said, I will have to wait and see how it turns out.

Overall, I am pleased with the changes. I may have to hook up my desktop computer to my TV and hop onto the PTR to test shizzle out.



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