never give up

19 06 2009

My first week with Concedo Nulli was completely awesome. It all began on Tuesday of last week. Single night clear of Naxx10 was awesome. Wednesday night we head to Obsidian Sanctum and one-shot Sarth+1D, then we hit up Eye of Eternity and one-shot that as well. Thursday night we went to Ulduar and one-shot Flame Leviathan, then Emalon wasn’t available, so we came back and two-shot Razorscale with 9 people, then XT was a one-shot. Came back on Monday, did Emalon in one-shot, Kologarn took a try or so, but we got him down easily enough. Next was Auriaya, but it was getting late and she got off easily.

Then it all went to shit. Tuesday night of this week, we stepped back into Naxx and ended up at Saph around the end of our scheduled raid time, so we put it off until Wednesday. Got in there, killed of the Icy Dragon and Kel. Eye was next, but was a complete disaster. Last night we attempted Sarth+2D, but the wrong drake was left up, so we settled for 1D and that still took a while. Then we went to Eye and after 4 attempts, no hope was in sight. Le sigh.

Though, I can never give up, never surrender. Gave some tips/tricks to our other Resto Shaman. He’ll get it soon enough. And once again, I am DPSing. I miss my Yamoto Cannon heal. 😥



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