19 06 2009

I assume this should be an introductory post for those that don’t know who I am. Basically, what you have here, is one of the more mediocre of Shamans. How did I get here? Well… that is a long story. I used to be in an Enemy Territory clan called UPS back in the day. One day they were talking about playing WoW, so I decided to join up. My first toon was a druid, got her to 30, then made a hunter with this very name. Got him to 30, then made a warrior. Got her to 27, then quit WoW. I came back about a year later on that same server (Demon Soul) and made a rogue named Romand (thank you Random Name Generator). Got him to 40, then made a Shaman named Nagrarok to bridge the gap between melee and caster. Ultimately, I wanted a mage or warlock, but I never got that far.

After days and days of being ganked in STV, I transferred over to Khadgar and finished leveling to 70. I raided Kara maybe 1-2 times, but that was it. When Wrath dropped, I quit my Shaman and made a Death Knight to play with from friends on another server. Yes, I paid 25$ to transfer my DK only to stop playing it about 2 months later. Came back to my Shaman, leveled him to 80. Went Restoration to aide my guild in Naxx. I enjoyed it greatly, soaked up a lot of gear. Eventually I started to grow bitter at the fact that we never raided consistently and coupled with a growing sour inside of me, I ended up leaving the guild to join Concedo Nulli with Kathoid and Kreeoni for a more consistent raid schedule. And this is where I reside to this date.

I spend lots of gold in WoW, but have never had to buy it. I’ve spent several thousand on mounts and pets alone, just spent four thousand to level Enchanting so epics would stop rotting on the bosses. So, there it is. Oh, and I have used Character Recustomization. I may go back, though. Shaman gear looks so much more badass on the male Draenei model.



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