21 06 2009

That whole Fire Festival Summer thing is about to start. I am standing in the position where one of the fires should spawn. Got Netflix instant queue playing South Park to help ease the boredom fo travel. I may have done something wrong… but I really don’t mind it… a bit. Ran ZA tonight and Kara the previous night. I’d really enjoy to do more and more of the old BC raids that I never got around to doing… because I suck(ed). Gonna write up a post in the near future about Glyphing options, because I am epicly awesome. I have the purpz (that is what all the cool kids call them) to prove it. Even if they were given to me as a last resort. I tend to get carried through everything.

80’s Montage later…

I was just watching Trade Chat go by and they were discussing the whole “Emblems of Conquest now available by running Heroic dungeons” and how it is cheapening the game and how the content is all easy and blah, blah, blah. Overall, it doesn’t really bother me. I will farm Heroic dungeons and get a bunch of ilvl 226 gear. Do I need it? Nope. Not much of it is an upgrade for the gear that I currently have. But Blizzard fucked up and they are correcting it.



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