Fire Water Burn

21 06 2009

So, took me about 5 hours, but the Midsummer Festival has been finished. Not a Flame Warden yet, I am saving my Ahune slay to go with my guildmates. I really want that staff he drops… it is one of my top favourite weapon models in the game. And now I think I can’t log in because Dalaran is lagging like a mother. Speaking of lag, don’t know what was going on when trying to get to Durotar. Everytime I went into a deep (mount can’t run on bottom) portion of the river, I would instantly DC. Every time. It was crazy. Blizz was conspiring against me, I just know it.

In all, I have 4/8 needed for the Violet Proto-Drake. Nag, that is odd, you say to yourself. You should have 5. Well, turns out that I never did Winterveil, and missed the boquet of roses during Love is in the Air. FML. So, it will have to wait until next year around Valentine’s, but 30% extra fastness in air isn’t that appealing. Come on, where do I have to be that 30% would make it life or death (besides the Skyshatter race, but I am already Exalted with Netherwing). Plus, I don’t really like Proto-Drakes. I have the Green one and it is okay, I guess. It backs up nicely, but I’d rather ride my Purple Gryphon. Far more badass. At least until they introduce the Black War Gryphon. Come on, Blizz, give it to me.

Don't I look so pretty?

Don't I look so pretty?

Also, I may have Rick Rolled a bunch of people today/last night. I like the song. /shrug

Note: Each quest counts towards “3000 Quests Complete” and it nets over 600g.



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