This Is Not A Test

24 06 2009

Naxx10 last night was fun, albeit kinda late. Not enough people to do a full run… so we go for an achievement, “The Dedicated Few.” We even got “Shocking,” but that is because the group was rather awesome. Cleaning the rest of it out tonight for the achievement. Hopefully we can start to get more people into the guild and begin 25mans, because that’d be awesome.

Thanks to Blizzard resetting all the quests and me being extremely diligent the first couple of hours of the holiday, I’ve made lots and lots of gold, as well as being able to purchase both the pet and the Brazier of Dancing Flames. Yeah, I am just that awesome. Druid is about to hit 50. Maybe I will take her through a bunch of these for some extra cash for her mount training.


Clickage for a bit better image quality.



One response

26 06 2009

I am not so diligent. Can’t even find the energy to get the meta achievement with more than one 80

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