Ban the Tube Top (PTR 3.2, pt 1)

26 06 2009

I decided to hit up the PTR, both with my toon (for gem analysis and the ability to see more of the JC stuff with my tokens) and a premade Shaman. Here are some pictures from my trip.

Gems are a girl’s best friend

39 SP, nice.

39 SP, nice.

As you can see, the Dragon’s Eyes have received a nice buff. It may only be 7 points, but is still really nice to make up for having to put a lesser Hybrid gem into a blue socket for us Shamans.

4... I thought you were 3?

4... I thought you were 3?

This is a very small buff, but I guess it goes along with the 25% increase to MP5 items, I didn’t realize that extended to gems as well. Shouldn’t really notice an increase, what with all the extra MP5 we are getting.

Ooh, an extra 3sp and 3 Stam.

Ooh, an extra 3sp and 3 Stam.

This is the upgrade from the 9SP, 12Stam Glowing Twilight Opal, this being the Glowing Dreadstone. Oooh, ominous.

I can tank now? Thanks for the Stance Bar!

So with the 3.2 Patch Notes, Shamans were given a little taste of what it is like to have more free GCDs in the form of the Totem Bar. I whipped mine out and slapped it around a little bit in Ironforge. Might not by safe for work.


In ascending order: Call of Fire, Call of Water, Call of Air. Left to right: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Call of Earth (Totemic Recall).

If you’ve ever used a Totem Management addon, such as Totem Timers, the totems fan out in a similar fashion. Will it be an actual Stance Bar and work with Bartender? Don’t know, Bartender has Stance Bar greyed out for my Shaman. I will have to wait.

Free Gear!

So, with my premade character, they gave me lots of epic gear because I am just that awesome. Pretty much got Tier8.5 for every spec, as well as a bunch of PvP items. Swapped gear around for a bit and got a nice picture of the whole “Shift Click Item comparison”:

ZOMG! Time to get rid of RatingBuster...

ZOMG! Time to get rid of RatingBuster... (Click for better clarity)

There are already addons out, such as RatingBuster or Pawn, that do this already in the tooltip, but not needing to have so many addons installed I guess is the direction of Blizzard (RE: Quest icons on Overworld Map).

Thanks for all the fish!

The only time I will see myself on this mount...

The only time I will see myself on this mount...

Check back for Part 2 in which I haven’t decided what I am going to do! Probably gonna log into my live Shaman and tinker (I bought T9 for 150g, Blizz is making this game too easy) or possibly the premade Druid that I got.



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