Grey Dawn (My UI)

27 06 2009
So sexy.

So sexy.

That is all. Just tweaked it today. Used to have my frame and target frame at the top of the screen, moved them to my feet so I don’t have to really move my eyes too much (some say it makes you a better healer, but I am an awesome healer when it was the normal way… so…). Probably gonna have to adjust it after 3.2, due to Shamans getting a stance bar (or so I assume it will be, Bartender, be up on that).

Addons used:

  • Pitbull 3.0
  • Chinchilla
  • Quartz Castbar
  • Bartender4
  • Totemtimers
  • Prat 3.0
  • Fubar
  • Satrina Buff Frames
  • Minimap Button Frame



2 responses

27 06 2009

sexiness! Love those unit frames. Need to get me a game machine that makes games pretty! Do you have all your spells hotkeyed? or are you a clique user?

28 06 2009

I use Clique. Got me a 5 button mouse: Earth Shield, Riptide, Chain Heal, LHW, and HW. Status afflictions are done with Decursives, resurrection is done with and Alt+Click, Targeting is Shift+Click.

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