Two Words (Great Excuse)

30 06 2009

Being a healer is awesome. Why? Because you get invited to everything. The best excuse ever to be included in stuff, to feel loved… to have e-friends.The Death Knight spree brought down the tank shortage and with no Healer Hero Class in sight, healers are still in a drought. Most people don’t opt to become a Healer by choice. Out of all 3 roles, it is the most stressful, but sometimes the most rewarding. Depending on the rest of the group composition you can just hang back, throw the occasional heal, and hope that they don’t see you are the bottom of the healer charts/meters. If you do end up the situation where you actually want to heal and you just so happen to be a shaman, this is a good place to start.

NOTE: If there are 2+ Shamans in the raid, both alive, and you are the healing type, don’t cast Heroism/Bloodlust. The other two specs have expendable mana, your mana is precious.

Chain Heal Spam, amirite?

No. Now shut the fudge up and get the fudge out. The days of CH spam are long gone. With the grandiose fights in Ulduar there is no real way to make it viable if it is only hitting 1 target the majority of the time. 3.2 is gonna give it a little boost: More mana efficiency, larger bounce range. Some people don’t think it is in a good place, but they can go fudge themselves. So how do I heal? In order for a Shaman to heal, we are going to use a few talented abilities and our weakest heal.



Yeah, I don’t get it either. Actually, I do. I shall explain. Riptide is awesome. It is instant, it heals, it leaves a HoT (maybe 2), and it procs Ancestral Awakening. It also boosts Chain Heal effectiveness by 25%. It also makes HW and LHW 30% faster (In 3.2, it will give a 25% crit boost to LHW). This hasted cast allows a quick 20k+ heal, depending on the tank. At all times, Earth Shield should be up. You should also Glyph LHW to boost effectiveness of LHW by 20% on ES’d targets, as you aren’t raid healing anymore. You are dairy creamer… I mean half and half. Mind you, there is no rotation for Shaman healing (as there is no true rotation for any healing class, I speak from experience that is very little to none). If you want to tank heal, follow this checklist:

  • Is Earth Shield up on one of the tanks? If no, please apply. Mana efficient reactive heal FTW. Kinda wish it did have an absorb effect to it, but meh.
  • Are any melee/ranged going down because they pulled aggro? If there is more than one, Riptide one, then LHW the other two. Once Tidal Waves procs are gone, continue to heal them with LHW until Riptide is back off of CD, recast on Tank (as you’ve been neglecting him/her), and LHW any that is not topped off.
  • Melee heavy group? Use Chain Heal to your hearts content. If you can guarantee that it hits more than 1 person, it is still a good heal. Riptide up one of the melee targets first, though.
  • Ranged heavy group? Ask them to stop being stupid and stand closer together (unless range is a factor, ie: KT, XT) to gnab them all with one CH. If they don’t want to or can’t, follow the instructions from the second bullet.

Oh snap, the tank is dying quick. This is when we use another talented ability known as Nature’s Swiftness. It is your Oh-Shit button and can be used in conjunction with Tidal Force, another Talent, to give you a very close guaranteed crit (but not always, as it is only 30%). In this situation:

  • Is Earth Shield on the tank? If not, it should’ve been. -50DKP minus.
  • Cast Nature’s Swiftness (I tend to have it bound to a mouse button to get it quick) and any other thing (Tidal Force) and then cast Healing Wave. Riptide for hasted LHW or HW (Tidal Waves current brings my LHW to 0.9sec cast, HW to 1.6sec cast) which may crit more effectively due to Tidal Force. Boom, massively healed tank.
  • Sidenote: In a fight like Auriaya or Kologarn where Melee is gonna be on top of the tank, it might be better to Riptide (won’t consume Nature’s Swiftness) and then Chain Heal to heal a bunch of them at once after a Sonic Screech or a Sweep.

I followed your instructions and still suck.

Yeah, I am a mediocre Shaman. It has taken me a while of testing on my own to learn how to heal effectively with this class. Maybe I don’t explain it right, but just take some of these notes and head out there into Heroics and Normal dungeons. If you are ever unsure of yourself, you shouldn’t be going into raids. Most people treat them as srs bzns and are willing to punt you for a friend and the like. Even after explaining it, I’ve found some people that still don’t enjoy the healing style and that is okay. Just respec Elemental or Enhancement and push buttons in a sequence, occasionally strafing. 😀 I enjoy it from time to time.



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30 06 2009

So… I’m bookmarking this for when I am able to start actually leveling a shaman… since it’s the only healing class I don’t have (at all).

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