Dismantle Me (Tidal Waves in 3.2, PTR pt.2)

7 07 2009

Since Khadgar happens to be down for Super Mega Death Maint today, I decided to hop onto the PTR and screw around with one of my questionable Shaman changes in 3.2, which happens to be the change to Tidal Waves. In good ole live servers, Tidal Waves procs from Chain Heal and Riptide with 2 charges, expended upon cast of Lesser Healing Wave or Healing Wave. Currently it carries a 30% haste to both spells, which makes it awesome for very quick heals (lowers the cast of LHW to around 0.8-0.9 for me). In 3.2 it is only going to haste HW and instead of haste for LHW, it will give a 25% crit boost (proccing Improved Water Shield, Ancestral Awakening, Ancestral Healing).

I’ve noticed that on live servers when casting Riptide and then two quick LHW I sometimes clip the GCD and am left with a “Spell is not ready” error message. Rather annoying.  So with an extremely simple healing setup on the PTR (Grid, Clique, default SCT) I decided to take it for a spin.

On my premade, I’ve got this stat setup (full T8.5, Guiding Star, Pulsing Spellshield, various 226 equipment, Eye of the Broodmother, Pandora’s Plea):



They gave me shit for enchants (resilience enchants on PvE gear? Srsly?) and my meta is garbage. So, here we go. With the current amount of haste on this toon my HW is a 2.08sec cast (with Wrath of Air Totem up), LHW is 1.25sec cast. Tidal Waves proc pushes HW to a 1.46sec cast for around 10k (16k crit) [with Healing Way] and 1044 mana and LHW still at a 1.25sec cast for around 4700 (6700 crit) for 626 mana with a 55.53% chance to crit.

Logged in to my live toon on the PTR to test it out with proper meta and enchants:

Live Epoch.

Live Epoch.

With the Meta gem proc, the mana stealer that is HW seems to diminish quickly. With less haste, HW cast is 2.14sec cast and LHW is 1.28sec cast. Lost around 4% crit, but gained around 120MP5. HW is hitting for around 8.5k and critting for around 13-14k (missing the Healing Way talent on this build). With LHW glyph, LHW is hitting for around 5.5k and critting for around 8.5k. I relaly need to get something like Sif’s Rememberence or Soul of the Dead for one of my trinkets… I’d like to be able to throw mana around willy nilly.

So if HW crits on the 30% chance it will have a total mana cost of around 600 (500 with Totem of Misery, the totem I DEd a while back) 100% of the time, making it heal for around 2-3 times more stronger than LHW for the same cost, but is only that way 1/3 of the times cast. Whereas LHW hits for 2-3 times less than HW but crits 55% of the time with a 60% chance to proc IWS on crit, which lowers its mana cost to around 200. Mind you, I have no glyphs so LHW would be healing for around 20% on ES’d targets.

With this change and the change to Healing Way (giving a flat 25% increase to HW), I see is highly viable to use HW on Tidal Waves procs for MT healing, switching off with LHW during Tidal Waves procs for patching the raid or a bit better mana viability. I’ll have to see how it works out during a raid/instance situation. 2 charges isn’t a lot and I find myself casting LHW without Tidal Wave procs (especially on a 6sec CD with 0.8sec cast LHW). If I need to get a tank up quick, I can see HW being used a bit more often, but it won’t surpass LHW in the spotlight of Shaman healing. It is quick on its own, has a kickass glyph attached to it, and with new Tidal Waves will proc a bunch of awesome stuff.

Currently, LHW is a Shaman’s main heal and even with Tidal Waves as it is, I don’t find it used with HW, but the removal of the haste to LHW is going to be interesting, even if it is replaced with awesome crit. I enjoy the quickness of the heal, but it clips my GCD some of the time. Probably going to have to change my click-cast setup for healing to put HW in a more accessible place. I need to get to know more people on the PTR and actually run stuff. I need moar! Kinda feel like Blizzard is giving us a bit more toolage and pushing us a bit more towards Tank healing. Might as well give us Plate already. 😛

PS: If you are on Broxigar, let me know. I want to get into some stuff.



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