older crowd (Time to Ask for Help)

7 07 2009

So, you’re a Resto Shaman, but things just don’t seem to be going right for you. I guess this applies to any class, really. Unless you are me, the most mediocre and delusional Shaman in the world, and aren’t doing well, you are going to need to ask for a little help. I’ve had quite a few Shamans come to me and ask for help on how to heal better, how to DPS better, how to be an awesome Bird person, how to blah blah, etc. Every once in a while you will come across the person that wants to be a dick.

Nag: Howdy, may I have a minute of your time?

Person: Fuck off, scrub.

Nag: I love that show! JD is so hawt.

Person: Fag.

Nag: I don’t understand how a sexual orientation plays into this… but okay.

Person: *fap fap* I am so cool for being awesome on the intrawebs.

A lot of people have this kind of mentality, “If I help this person, they may become as good as me, so then I won’t be as good or notable on a video game which is srs bzns.” Hopefully you can find a good enough person. Growing up with my Shaman, I haven’t really had a mentor figure to ask for help. Anything I have learned for my toon has been from trial and error. And even from inspecting gear of various Shamans on Khadgar, I can’t really understand where some of them are going. Then again, you can’t use gear as an indication of a skilled player. I’ve outshined better geared players many times and I can rarely understand why, outside of the fact that skill and timing play a key factor in it.

If you find yourself doing poorly next to another someone of your own class, ask for their help. A lot of the time you’ll get a nice person who will tell you how to do something properly. If you are stubborn, learn to not be. Your performance directly impacts those around you and if you are unwilling to change, some RLs may be willing to pass on your inclusion. If you still aren’t getting it, continue to work at it. If it still isn’t working out, try a different spec. Then reroll, then quit WoW. Then leave the planet. Learn that your stupid Martian wife/husband can’t take out the garbage and kick her butt to the florgnagkh.

Though, I can also point to the fact that I never did anything past Kara back in BC. I actually only ran Kara 2 times while 70. I’ve done Hyjal and ZA at 80 and they both seemed like fun raids at the time, but were probably a bit more stressful back in the day. Ah well. I’ll never see any of those old raids outside of YouTube videos and to be honest, I don’t really care. Maybe I’ll do a post on my thoughts of the current status of WoW.



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