Tunnel Vision and You (Fiery Crash)

18 07 2009

I never thought it could happen to me. It was just supposed to be a normal boss kill. DPS DPSing, Healers healing, and the tanks tanking. Why did it have to go wrong? A pre-emptive /cheer. Time slows down… and an icicle/rocket/stalactite falls on your head. It wasn’t supposed to be like this! That is when I knew… that I had contracted Tunnel Vision, a deadly affliction that claims the lives of thousands of raiders in a lockout. Today we shall take an in depth (to the best of my abilities and attention span) look into the epidemic.

Tunnel... get it? (click for full clarity)

Tunnel... get it? (click for full clarity)

I’ve found myself wondering how certain people die, chuckling at the circumstances, and getting a bit ruffled when we wipe due to a completely dumb mistake due to someone being too focused. Examples, please come into the room. I’ve harvest… I mean, collected specimens that have been afflicted by Tunnelitis Visiondepravious. They’ve all lent their time so please show them a bit of respect. Their names shall be masked to alleviate any sort of identifying and ridiculing of them. It isn’t their fault… well, it might partly be that. But, that is for later.

Example A: Threatius Nullioculus – This person happens to fill the DPS role and they do it relatively well, usually exceptionally well. However, they tend to die due to pulling attention off of the tank, attacking the wrong mob in the kill order, or not using aggro-shaking abilities. This person’s TV strain tends to feed from their need to be top DPS or their lack of measuring aggro. Many will accept that they have TV and never correct it, blaming their death on the Healers not healing a 40k melee hit, blaming their death on the tanks not generating enough threat. Where ever the fault may land, it is best to not argue the point. You have an debilitating disease, but there is hope. Example A, please stop crying, because I’m going to give you a few tips later on, but for now, please do the following:

  • Make sure to keep aggro-reduction abilities (Cower, Wind Shock, Feint, Feign Death, etc) on your action bars or an easily reachable keybind.
  • Assist off of the tank using a macro or an addon such as oRa2 (or anything that has a tank window) to ensure you are attacking the proper mob.
  • In AoE pack situations, allow the tank to gen a bit of aggro before going ape on the mobs.

If you follow these steps, Example A, you shall live a long and prosperous raid life and only have to worry about repair bills when you wipe. Well, you can have a seat. We’re gonna take a look at Example B, so if you could step forward.

Example B: Firus Standinum – This example can be any sort of role, no one is left out. This strain of TV is a bit more vicious, as it generally stems from weariness or a general cavalier attitude. Many bosses have the ability to cause nightmares for anyone standing where they shouldn’t. Kel’thuzad has his Shadow Fissure, Hodir has his Flash Freeze and Icicles, Mimiron has his Rocket Strike. Each of these abilities is avoidable, but if one has succumbed to TV, there is little hope. The healer that is watching their healing frame to not notice the swirling animation of death around their toon. The tank focused on positioning of the boss, watching CDs, and watching those creeping on his/her threat. The DPS making sure they are putting forth their best effort, watching Threat (if they aren’t a Threatius Nullioculus), etc. Example B, how is your periphery? Do you have a clear vision of what is going on? I ask because I’ve seen some UIs that block and obstruct view, or draw the eye far away from where it should be. Here are some tips:

  • I’ve found it helpful to place my unit frame, healing frame, and target frame near the bottom of my screen (generally around my feet). This centralizes my focal point, allowing me to be able to quickly scan my eyes around for environmental changes.
  • Also, I have removed my party frame (due to having raid frames open) to clear up the left side of my screen, giving more room for things to display on my screen (allowing me to warn others).
  • Any sort of chart that isn’t necessary, generally will be a DPS meter, has been toggled off. Does not need to be looked at until after the fight, if at all. Same thing for quest tracking. If you’re raiding, you aren’t questing.

I understand that you can become tired and frustrated while working on a new boss. As time progresses in a raid, TV becomes more and more lethal, so it is best to stave it off as much as possible. Example B, you may sit down.

Now has come the time to bring the hammer down on TV once and for all! If you are able to recognize that you are currently carrying the virus, please note the following:

  • It is just a game. We all get into it and it is awesome to succeed. The more you die, however, the less of a change for success that the overall raid has. If you continually find yourself under the effects of Firus Standinum, you may even be optioned out for someone who has more situational awareness. It isn’t that you are bad at your role, but your lack of vision clarity is stymieing the raid group’s progress.
  • Make sure to take a break every once in a while. If you continually are going for long periods of time doing the same thing, mistakes will start to occur more frequently as you get tired and weary of the same things over and over again.
  • Make sure to have eaten or drank some form of liquid. Fatigue will definitely exacerbate the effects of TV.

Remember, we are all susceptible to this virus, but we can’t let it bog us down. We will prevail! We shall rise! We will put an end to Tunnelitis Visiondepravious one day, don’t fret. Just work together and have fun.



One response

19 07 2009

A certain feral druid in my guild had problems like that. I got so annoyed I lectured him in front of the whole raid after a wipe so that not only he would get the message, but everyone else.

If you’re dead, you’re useless for the rest of the fight. Isolate the cause of death and make sure it doesn’t happen again. I constantly drill into my players that its okay to die. Just don’t die to the same thing more than twice. Ever.

In regards to A, remember that Pain Suppression and Hand of Salvation are useful spells to reduce the threat of other players. They’re there to be used.

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