Some Observations in 3.2

10 08 2009

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3.2 has come and gone. Came as kind of a shock. It busted into our houses, punched the WoW servers, crippling them horribly. I recall Day 1, Khadgar took an extra 2 hours to get up (that’s what she said?). Doing the new dailies took almost 2 hours, as it took 2-4 minutes to loot any items from mobs. Plus broken addons. I know it happens every patch, but don’t you think with some sort of gist gained from spending time on the PTR, addon developers would make some sort of pre-preemptive to make things as smooth as possible? Nope. Ah well, let’s hurry up. I’ve gotta grab something to eat and watch Dexter.


As we all know, Emblems of Conquest drops from all Heroic instances, as well as all raids, outside of ToC25 (I will get to this later). Each and every heroic, even Oculus, is getting penetrated from every side. As for the actual Conquest Vendor, you have two sides to the argument: “Now they will have my gear” and “Ooh, new gear to supplement my inability to play this game/get a consistent raid group together.” I don’t know which one I fall into, but I did replace my old T7.5 gear tonight for 116 Conquest Emblems, around 40 of those gained before the patch.Yet, there is another problem that arises from this. Since everyone is running Heroics, Instances are becoming full more and more often. I wanted to run a friend through Stockades last night, but to no avail. Only recently (within the past 6 months) has Blizzard been throttling the number of instances that are allowed to be open. I can see where they are coming from with this, but it is a bit cruddy.

DPS/Healer LFG ToC – lolwut, nub?

With 3.2, we gained 2 new instanced places: Trial of the Champion and Trial of the Crusader. We also got new difficulty settings for them. There is a very simple way to discern what you actually want and get you there quicker.

5 Man Normal = ToC5

5 Man Heroic = H ToC5

10 Man Normal = ToC10

10 Man Heroic = H ToC10

25 Man Normal = ToC25

25 Man Heroic = H ToC25

You get the idea.

DE, we can roll on Shards later

I’m going to go ahead and say: If you’re in a PuG and you are the only DE, keep the frackin’ shards. There is no point to roll on Abyss Crystals, as their AH price has been cut in half thanks to ToC5 dropping ilvl200 epics from every boss. Dream Shards are hard to come by and if you don’t have all the recipes from the vendor, tell the rest of the group to piss off. You had to put up with them going slow, being dumb, sucking at tanking/DPS/healing. I’m going to start taking it as a BS tax or an employment of that awesomeness that is I. If I am in a guild run, that is different. I don’t mind it. Not really into people I don’t know making off with my new enchants.

Tabards? Hmm… forgot about those…

Since you are no doubt going to be doing Heroics, make sure to equip your tabard. I’ve only needed 3k rep with Wyrmrest Accord for around 3 months. In the past week, I’ve run around 10 Heroics. Only realized I didn’t have my tabard on until the 8th. It also brought me to 20 Exalted Reputations… yeah, I’m not going for 40. Fudge that.

The new 5man is fun, quit complaining

I really like it. It is quick. If you die, you can zone back in mid-fight (maybe they will fix it). Something of note: The transition from mounted to grounded needs to be fixed/smoothed out. I should not have to equip a lance to mount in there, it should be part of the vehicle. Then, when I get automagically dismounted, I don’t need to re-equip my weapon and can get right into it. You can run the Normal mode lots of times and the gear/trinkets are awesome for pre-Naxx10/25 (a trinket to rival Essence of Gossamer? Surely you jest).

Did I miss anything?

Here’s the plan, Stan: Buy the Heirloom Chest and Shoulders for Emblems of Heroism or Champion Seals, level an alt to 68, buy them CWF for 1000g, level them to 80, run the new 5man plus heroics, get them epics out in a few days, ????, profit.



3 responses

10 08 2009

Kudos ^_^ great post! Vewy funny!

I like the new instance too, its easy gear with easy pewpew (well depending on your group ^_^ ) I also like that i dont have to be ZOMGAWESOME at jousting since i really suck at it. I agree about the change from the dismount to teh next round of pewpew…one group i ran with proposed we run out of the instance during this stage anddd some of us died while trying to run away *cough*

anyway nothing about the WG queue?

10 08 2009

I also love the new 5 man. I agree with Kiki — you don’t have to be awesome at jousting, just competent for the regular version. I’ve run out most of my times in there and find it to be a good tactic to get everyone reset. Only one person needs to make it out alive, and boot speed enchants help here. 🙂

It’s fun enough to actually get this PvPer into running dungeons, which is something I never thought I’d see.

14 05 2010
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