New is the new… new?

22 09 2009

Anyone following the recent Blue Posts will know that a few tweaks are being made to Elemental Shamans. They’re a bit confusing, so I’ll help you through it, because I’m a nice guy. /wink

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A Typical Day

16 09 2009

Here is a small example of how my WoW days go. I just want to log in, do my dailies, log out and go eat dinner, maybe watch a movie or two, take a short nap, then raid. So, here we go:

5:00PM – Login

5:01PM – Forgot where my authenticator is. Scrounge for it.

5:02PM – Successful Login. Pickup Dailies on Nag.

5:03PM – Fly to [insert location here] and kill [insert mob here] to get [insert JC daily item]

5:04PM – Hearth back to Dalaran. Grab mats from bank to finish JC daily.

5:05PM – Head to [insert location here] and fish for [insert item here] for Fishing Daily.

5:06PM – Hearth back to Dalaran and turn in Fishing Daily.

5:07PM – Log off.

Let’s look at 5:05PM, as it happened today. I happened to have the Jewel of the Sewers daily, so I headed to the shallow area of the sewers and begin fishing. After 5 seconds, I’ve had the following:

  • People standing on my lure.
  • People putting down a duel flag without any sort of indication.
  • People seeing that I’m Resto and putting heals on my while I am at full health.

I’ve been getting burnt out on WoW lately and I wish to do my dailies as quickly as I can, so I don’t end up just not logging into WoW. Anything that impedes my dailies is going to irk me. The moral of the story: Please be kind to others. Don’t annoy people with completely useless/meaningless gestures.

Trial Thoughts

8 09 2009

Last night was the last night of the raid week and we pushed full into ToC10. We downed Northrend Beasts with little afterthought, same with Jaraxxus. Faction Champions, which had been giving us problems due to lack of PvP knowledge, was finally squashed. Having never seen Twins, we one-shot them. Then two-shot Anub’arak. Now that I’ve experienced the full raid, here are some of my thoughts.

Northrend Beasts:

  • Gormok the Impaler: Simple tank and spank with some add-age. Each Snobold can toss fire bombs and I’ve noticed their damage ticks immediately, sometimes before the visual effect is even up.  Also the Impale debuff stays on the tanks after Gormok has been downed. Kinda dumb, but it makes sense… I guess.
  • Acidmaw and Dreadscale: No matter how much you tell a person with toxin to run to someone with Burning Bile, they are unable to do it for whatever reason. Haha. Other than that, it is a rather straightforward fight. I’ve noticed that if a worm is burrowing while the other one is downed, the one worm left won’t enrage like it should. Tsk tsk.
  • Icehowl: Tank and spank. Little to no heals necessary. I’ve been able to sit out of casting for the longest time and regen more than half my mana very quickly. Knockback, run out of the way, pwn face, ???, profit.

Lord Jaraxxus: A good fight, in my mind. DBM was kinda borked the first couple of weeks with compounding error noises destroying my ear drums. Incinerate Flesh is a kind of fun mechanic, I suppose. Though I dislike when the people with it run away from the healers. Legion Flames is interesting with its “only spawns a fire patch after a little while and you have to be clearly out of the effect for it to stop damaging you.” Fun fight.

Faction Champions: I hate this fight. I PvE for my epics so I don’t have to PvP. I detest PvP. This fight gave the raid group so many problems due to not having the proper CCs, which goes against Blizzards “Bring the Player, Not the Class.” Then again, it also requires people to properly use CCs, but we only downed this fight due to our tank being the last one alive versus the hunter. And it hurts so much because the last two fights are easy sauce and this one is such a roadblock for us. Not for other guilds, I guess.

Twin Val’kyr: My favourite fight of the entire raid. Growing up, I used to play Ikaruga a lot and if you don’t know what that is, just take this fight and turn it into a shmup. I found myself just not healing and running around to pick up orbs because I saw them floating around. It was a 1shot with 15 seconds off of the speed kill achievement. After Faction Champions, it is a much needed break.

Anub’arak: Another easy fight, really fun. Forgot to check for the typo to see if it is in normal 10man. Kiting spikes into Permafrost, keeping people intentionally low during the last bit of burning. Compared to Yogg-Saron and Kel’Thuzad, this fight is supremely easy. I don’t expect to see it on Heroic for a while, especially with Faction Champions being a problem as it is.

So, there you have it. My thoughts (kind of) on the new raid instance. It is too short, difficulty is schizophrenic. Some of the fights are majour fun. I’d rather have a Yogg kill under my belt, though. 😥 /sadpanda

Move Silently/Hide in Shadows

1 09 2009
Sums up pretty much our 25man experience...

Sums up pretty much our 25man experience...

Yeah, I kinda expected this to happen. I tend to not be able to carry things on too far. Speculation Theater was a bit of a bust, especially since everything for the next 9 months WoW is pretty much planned on. Makes me a sad panda. Things have been mildly okay, but then again, they’ve been bad. Incoming will be a short recap of the past 3 weeks.

  • Ulduar 10, still no Yogg-Saron kill
  • Ulduar 25, 4/14 with less than 20 people
  • ToC 10, 2/5, Faction Champions is a garbage fight that goes against Blizzard’s “Bring the player, not the class.”
  • ToC 25, 0/5, rather hard to underman current content
  • Naxx10 and Naxx25 have been completely abandoned

I’ve been promoted to Healing Officer, because I am consistent, punctual, and rather nice. I’ve had to deal with 1 major piece of drama in my short career as an officer, which wasn’t really fun. On one hand, I was friends with the person in question, but I had to deal with it with an iron fist. Ah well, we’ve pushed on… yet also lost some others due to school starting up and work hours shifting. Recruiting has been going slow and painful. Might have to jump back to 10s instead of slowly progressing with undermanned 25s.

My druid hit 80 and has been tanking like a pro. Once Cataclysm drops and Race Change is an option, I plan on making her into a Worgen, though I plan to play through the opening area at least 1 time. Nagrarok is doing swell, topping healing charts and offering aide to many people. Also got 2/30 of the Legendary Mace… working towards that, though it will be on hold under we can get our numbers up, which miffs me.

Peace out, Seacrest.