A Typical Day

16 09 2009

Here is a small example of how my WoW days go. I just want to log in, do my dailies, log out and go eat dinner, maybe watch a movie or two, take a short nap, then raid. So, here we go:

5:00PM – Login

5:01PM – Forgot where my authenticator is. Scrounge for it.

5:02PM – Successful Login. Pickup Dailies on Nag.

5:03PM – Fly to [insert location here] and kill [insert mob here] to get [insert JC daily item]

5:04PM – Hearth back to Dalaran. Grab mats from bank to finish JC daily.

5:05PM – Head to [insert location here] and fish for [insert item here] for Fishing Daily.

5:06PM – Hearth back to Dalaran and turn in Fishing Daily.

5:07PM – Log off.

Let’s look at 5:05PM, as it happened today. I happened to have the Jewel of the Sewers daily, so I headed to the shallow area of the sewers and begin fishing. After 5 seconds, I’ve had the following:

  • People standing on my lure.
  • People putting down a duel flag without any sort of indication.
  • People seeing that I’m Resto and putting heals on my while I am at full health.

I’ve been getting burnt out on WoW lately and I wish to do my dailies as quickly as I can, so I don’t end up just not logging into WoW. Anything that impedes my dailies is going to irk me. The moral of the story: Please be kind to others. Don’t annoy people with completely useless/meaningless gestures.



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