New is the new… new?

22 09 2009

Anyone following the recent Blue Posts will know that a few tweaks are being made to Elemental Shamans. They’re a bit confusing, so I’ll help you through it, because I’m a nice guy. /wink

Firstly, our Lava Burst spell no longer removes the Flame Shock debuff on the enemy. Pretty sweet, eh? Next, Flame Shock duration is being extended by 6 seconds, as well as having the damage buffed by a decent amount. Sounds good… but wait, Glyph of Flame Shock does that already. So, what is happening to the Glyph? Well, it now makes the periodic tick of Flame Shock able to critically strike. Hmm… but that is the T8 2set bonus. Now things start to get a bit tricky.

Basically, if you have the T8 2set, as everyone should have by now due to Conquest Emblems being easier to get than seizures during Electric Soldier Porygon, you won’t need the Glyph of Flame Shock. However, if you go for the T9 4set, which is pretty sweet, you can option the Glyph to supplement it. Things shall be changing a little bit. If you have the 2set, you can go for one of the other top Glyphs that normally isn’t taken due to the SP requirement for it to be better than others: Glyph of Lava. This’ll increase Lava Burst’s effectiveness by a bit and give you a nice DPS increase. If you’ve pressed on into T9 set bonuses, it still is a good option for the reason that critical strikes from your ticks is a bit outweighed by a 20% increase to damage done by Lava Burst, not to mention the 10% SP gain to Lava Burst.

That was a mouthful. Also, Shamanism is being buffed to increase Chain Lightning‘s bonus damage by 15% alongside of Lightning Bolt. While CL is a big taboo of the Elemental rotation, for those with subpar haste, it will become more attractive to bridge the DPS gap until you can get to the proper haste.

So, that was a bit about 3.2.2. I’m looking forward to actually doing Onyxia for real. I want that mount, too. It will drop first time.



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