Where ya been, Nag? Where ya been?

31 10 2009

I will go ahead and say that I’ve let the reader down and for that, I am sorry. Kinda swore myself into a small hole as I await the display of the Shaman T10. Also, I’ve kinda not been playing WoW. To be honest, I had to pretty much full stop playing. All I’ve really done is log in to get my “the Hallowed” title, which I did get (another title I’ll never wear).

So, what happened? Well… The reason why I got into WoW so hardcore addictive like is due to losing my job around a year ago. The economy was in a slump and layoffs were a rolling. 10 months later, woman goes on permanent sick leave, so they called me back. Working the graveyard shift overlaps my guild’s current raiding schedule and the majority of my playtime range, so I’ve been leveling alts and all that. Still working out my sleeping schedule, maybe I will one day be able to move to another shift and continue raiding. Or I will find another guild to raid with. Or I will PuG. I hate PuGs. So frackin’ much.

What have you been doing to occupy your other time? I started playing Dungeons and Dragons with a few friends. I play a Half-Elf Cleric, only healer in a 9 person party. Things can get… stressful, to say the least. Also gonna be joining another campaign as a converted Draenei Paladin (converted the race to a 2nd edition race). I might use this space to talk about D&D when I’m not playing WoW, which is becoming an interesting thing.

What does the future hold? Stuff. Reincarnation is being dropped to 30 minutes, talented to 15. Pretty nice, considering it really hasn’t been used as wipe recovery for the longest time. Other than that, nothing really interests me. The set bonuses are okay. Riptide grants 20% haste on the next spell cast. Okay, haha. Then when Chain Heal crits, it gives a nice 9sec HoT for 25% of the amount healed. That is nice. Kinda looking forward to start dropping SP and picking up Haste, at least having 2 sets of gear to be able to do that. Totem is okay and fits with the set bonus. Cast Riptide, get 85 SP, stacks 3 times (255) for 15 seconds. Not a majour improvement, but it is there.

How about them charitable folk? I’ve joined a blogging community known as Azeroth United and starting tomorrow, they are having a donation drive for Child’s Play, which is a very good cause/charity that I’ve given to in the past. If there is anything you can give, please do. Here is a link: http://www.azerothunited.com/hhv/ Visit it and I will heal you in a raid. 😛 Otherwise, don’t stand in the fire.



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