Athesh, the Hand of O’ros – D&D

11 11 2009

So, my friend is doing a campaign with a small party, I’m gonna be the only healer, and it will be as a Paladin. To supplement some of the healing, I decided to take the Draenei Race and make it a D&D race for 2nd Edition. So, here he is:

Name: Athesh

Title: Hand of O’ros

Class: Paladin

Race: Draenei

Kit: Wyrmslayer

Size: Large Creature (7’4″, 300 lbs) [increase all damage rolls by 1 full dice, i.e: 1d4 -> 1d6]


  • Strength: 18/78
  • Dexterity: 16 (14 Aim, 18 Balance)
  • Constitution: 19 (17 Health, 21 Fitness)
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Wisdom: 15 (13 Intuition, 17 Understanding)
  • Charisma: 17

Racial Traits:

  • Ageless: As aging occurs, stats do not increase or decrease. Not immortal. +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom.
  • Odd Looking: Since they don’t look like the normal fair of folk, commoners tend to react differently. -2 Reaction.
  • Heroic Presence: Having harrowed many battles and conquests, simply being in the presence of a Draenei guides attacks. +1 to all allies attack rolls in adjacent spots.
  • Gift of the Naaru: Using the faith in one’s deity, the Draenei channels healing ability to mend allies. 3 times a day – 2d4 + 10% maxHP (rounded down).
  • Gemcutting: Being from lands where crystals are abundant, the Draenei carries much knowledge in Prospecting, Gemcutting, and Appraising. Free Prospecting, Gemcutting, and Appraising non-weapon proficiencies and +5 bonus to all rolls concerning them.
  • Darkvision: Eyes aglow, the Draenei is able to see in pitch black darkness. Ability to see in darkness as if it were black and white, does not work in magical darkness.
  • Hardiness of Foot: Having hooves allows the Draenei to move quite easily over uneven and strange terrain. No movement penalties. Also, unable to wear boots but may option to use Horseshoes.

Short Backstory: Athesh was born on a farm near Kessel’s Crossing. For years upon years, a White Dragon by the name of Diatzdormu would terrorize the village by destroying crops, killing livestock, and ravaging homes. During one such attack, Athesh’s childhood friend, Chewbacca Kologarn, was killed when a house fell on top of him. In the years that followed, he grew such seething hatred towards that White Dragon for killing his friend.

Athesh enlisted in the Hand of Argus to hone his combat skills so that he may one day destroy Diatzdormu. After achieving the high rank of Vindicator, he returned to Kessel’s Crossing to do battle with the Dragon. After many days of back and forth carnage, the Dragon laid lifeless at Athesh’s feet. He plunged his sword into the Dragon’s neck and removed it, sheathing it in blood. He took his hand and put it in the open wound, slathering the blood on his armor. The town cheered and he smiled, for his friend had been avenged.

A few years later, 3424 to be exact, Athesh enlisted the aide of Bixie Bondwhistle and James Darkness to send him on his way to lend his help to the great expanse of the cosmos. During the process, a fly crash landed into the controls and sent him hurtling through space and time. When he awoke, Athesh was in a very strange land, surrounded by Humans and Dwarves, but nary a Draenei to be seen. He stood up in the middle of a field, cattle were disemboweled to his left.

“Lock ‘im up,” said a rather perturbed looking human, “we don’t take kindly to yer folk ’round here, demon. These be the Isles of Silverwind, take in the sights, fer all ye be seenin’ fer a while is 3 walls and some bars.”

Hmm… don’t know why I really posted this, but maybe someone will care. Haha.



One response

11 11 2009

Interesting…I sense bits of WoW, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, and what almost seems to me like a touch of Diablo.

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