Athesh’s “Escape” from Jail – D&D

16 11 2009

So, I’ve decided that since I’m not really playing WoW that much, I’ll start to talk about more things so I can actually have something to do/look forward to updating. Without much further ado, I present the solo(?) adventure of last night.

Athesh awakens in a jail cell, hearing a loud commotion outside. He walks to the tiny window and sees a Raven perched on a tree just outside. A shaky guard, little wet behind the ears, asks of him, “Tell me, Demon, how did you manage to slaughter more livestock while being in jail? How did you break out unnoticed?”

“I am not a Demon,” Athesh said, quite flummoxed, “I’m a Paladin, a holy being touched by the Light.” With that, Athesh sits down. The guard walks off to get his managers, as well as to bring a Cleric. The Cleric looks into the cell, “I shall exorcise this Demon!” He begins to chant a ritual, only to back of quite scared and overwhelmed. “This being is pure as the first snowfall, let him out of this cage meant for the barbarous.” The Sergeant opens the door and pulls Athesh aside. “I don’t know how you did it, but you will remove this hold you have over our Cleric, Demon.”

“For the last time, I am not a Demon,” roared Athesh. The other guards backed off, but the Sergeant remained mere inches from him. “I believe we can come to an understanding if you do me one small favor.” The Sergeant went on to explain of a village far to the north that has been plagued by an evil being. Were Athesh to rid them of this problem he’d earn his freedom. He naturally agreed, retrieved his equipment and set off north to the town of Bahrain. After about an hour of travel, a small glint caught his attention from the corner of his eye. A doll was lying in the middle of the path with some crushed weeds and large footprints heading into the woods.”Hmm… interesting.”

Athesh headed into the woods, following a thing that made no measure to keep its tracks hidden. He came upon a clearing and heard a little girl crying high up in a tree. He walked over and asked, “How did you find yourself all the way up there?”

“The Bad Man put me up here and he is gonna squish you like a bug, like he squished my parents,” she pointed towards a mass of flesh and blood that Athesh had missed completely. To his left, he saw a large creature, similar to his own size, with a single eye staring back at him. “Smash!” it said and barreled towards Athesh. He drew his weapon and brought out his shield. A long slash was made to the creature, spilling much blood to the ground. The creature made a sweeping attack with a large club, which was deflected by Athesh’s shield. Now vulnerable, Athesh made a second attack to the creature’s head, running his sword right through the eye. The girl looked away as the creature collapsed to the ground, blood leaking into the soil.

“Everything is safe now, I’ll come get you,” Athesh chuckled as he climbed the tree. The girl have him an odd look, but leapt into his arms feeling a kind nature about him. He handed the doll to the girl and asked her if she had any family to which she replied, “My grandmother lives in Nusklan, to the south.” Having just left there, he decided to go back and drop the girl off. The grandmother was quite thankful and handed Athesh a cloak that belonged to the girl’s father. After giving thanks, Athesh set out once again to the North. After about 4 hours of travel, he stumbled across 4 large creatures wearing masks, but basically looking like Hyenas on their hind legs.

“Are you by any chance related to Hogger?” Athesh asked with a smile, yet they did not respond. The largest one pointed to Athesh’s gold purse, then held out his hand. Athesh pulled out 10 gold coins and held them out in his hand. The largest one shook his head and pointed once again to the gold purse, then held out both hands. Rolling his eyes and placing his face in his palm, Athesh drew his sword, “Could today get any worse?”

Yes, I suck at writing. Yes, I am bored. Tune in next time for the fight against the bandits and Athesh completely destroys something… well, actually a few things. Crazy beast.



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