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22 11 2009

I’m gonna tackle this from two sides, just because I can do that. I’m an experienced Restoration and Elemental Shaman, topping charts whatever kind of situation I am in. One stat that is key to most casters is Haste, but Shamans moreso… or at least, that is what I am hearing but not practicing. I see in various places, “You need X amount of Haste in order to compete with any other healing/damage class.” I call shenanigans… but I might be a bit misleading, and I’ll get into that. First, let’s take a look at Elemental.

As an Elemental Shaman, it is recommended to have 550+ haste to fit 5 Lightning Bolts (LB) between CDs of Lava Burst (LvB). Any Haste beyond that will begin to upset a turret rotation. In current content (ToC and Uld), there are rarely any Patchwerk fights, and you’ll find yourself moving around a lot, so Haste becomes a bit more viable when you need to squeak out a spell before having to move out of the way of something. Chain Lightning, with the Shamanism buff, has become a better quick cast spell to use in both multiple and single target situations. I recently picked up the Totem of the Electrifying Wind, after thinking it was garbage for a while. Then when I realized that the duration is more than the internal CD, I began to drool at the notion of a static 200 Haste. Haha.

As we move into T10, however, things become a bit more tricky. First off, in 3.3 Elemental Mastery (EM) will be getting a makeover, no longer will it give 15% crit. It shall give 15% haste for the duration. Which is really nice, eh? Combined with the T10 2set bonus: Each LB cast lowers the CD on EM by 2secs. Nice. The T9 4set is getting a change from 20% damage increase to LvB to leaving a DoT for 10% of the damage for X seconds. A little bit less of burst DPS, but it is still good. The T10 4set, however, makes things a bit murky. It is going to reduce the CD of LvB by 1.5 seconds, which is essentially shaving 1 LB from the rotation. Haste becomes less of an importance and SP is gonna pretty much be where it is at. Any Haste is going to aide in the “Oh snap, gotta move quickly.”

Now let’s talk about Restoration, as this is a bit of a sore spot for me. I’ve seen in many places that you need AT LEAST 900 Haste to even begin to compete with a fairly geared Restoration Druid. I find this to be false, but I may be wrong due to extenuating circumstances or skill. Due to still having the 4set T8, I gain an extra ~400 Haste when concerning Chain Heal (CH), so I technically have 850 Haste when using CH, not to mention the Wrath of Air Totem (5% Haste). People say, “Gem Haste until you start to have mana problems, then rebalance.” I gem Haste when possible, but still fill out my socket bonuses (because I hate seeing gray on my gear).

Current Restoration Gemming becomes: Red = Runed Cardinal Ruby (23SP), Yellow = Reckless Ametrine (12SP, 10Haste), Quick King’s Amber (20Haste), Blue = Energized Eye of Zul (10Haste, 5MP5), Forceful Eye of Zul (10Haste, 15Stam). I have seen people do 20 Haste in ever socket, while making sure to get at least the bare minimum for their Meta. I think that is odd and don’t advise it, but to each their own.

I currently have around 2600 SP (with only Earthliving), 450 Haste, 32% char sheet crit (becomes 41% after talents), and a good 500+ MP5 depending on buffs. I’m set up to tank heal, though I perform extremely well in raid healing situations.

I think the whole “Gem Pure Haste” issues rises from the changes done to the Restoration Shaman in 3.2, what with Improved Water Shield (mana return) working off of Chain Heal at 30% per bounce and the change from a Haste buff to Lesser Healing Wave to a Crit buff. Also dealing with the itemization in SP Mail results in a net loss of Haste when switching from T8.5 to T9. The only real gain comes from going to T9.25 (Trophy of the Crusade set), which I can’t actively get due to not raiding anymore. /sadpanda. Real gain meaning something to balance out the loss of .2 secs off of CH. The T9 2set is nice, meaning an extra ~200-300 per tick of Riptide, which coupled with Glyph of Riptide (giving it 6 more seconds, an extra 2 ticks) makes for a nice heal. The T9 4set is subpar, 5% extra crit to CH is welcomed, but not really needed. I’d enjoy some Haste, haha.



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6 12 2009
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23 12 2009

One thing that comes to mind while reading your posts here, atleast this one of haste. I think that haste is a really viable thing to go for both in items and in sockes, Tho u are talking like chainheal is the only spell you use.
I love haste in my current resto gear i got like 800haste and 3k sp with earth living, stacking haste like a mofo, But i use chainheal but usualy i use it like 20% of my overall healing. Else im using LHW and even HW sometimes depending on the situation ofc(riptide-but thats a given).
I have not gone for the t9 4-set bonus sine i think its a pieace of shit tbh 5% crit to chain heal a spell that clearly is talked about more then its usefull. Ive gone back to pre-bc LHW and HW usage and i love my haste. To be able to get 2 LHW in like almost 2 secs, that crits for about 10-11k on a tank or 9-10k on a random dude in a raid is far better then taking a chans on whos getting the chainheal “procs” Sure chainheal WAS good but to be fair it isnt then you should take a druid/prist for your random healing put a shaman on the tanks.
But if there is much random healing and ppl are stacked sure chainheal works but it isnt anything that u should focus your gear/sockets choise on imo.
My little thoughts. Peace out StríD

31 12 2009

I used CH as an example, as it is our defining Heal. When you think Resto Shaman, you think Chain Heal spamming from back in BC. Before 3.2, when RT was still giving Haste to LHW, it was an extremely efficient way to heal up a raid that was spread out (which was becoming common due to the fights in Ulduar). Come to 3.2, when almost all the fights you know there are going to be at least 3 people stacked closer to one another, CH becomes a bit more of a prominent heal and Haste allows you to eek out more while being more efficient than LHW.

I’ve healed 25Razorscale with 50% of the heals by me and 50% of my heals being LHW. I’ve been bored on Marrowgar and had 30% CH, 25% LHW. It is entirely situational for me and knowing when to do either is what sets healers apart from one another.

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