Elemental Shaman, 3.3 Talkin’

6 12 2009

3.3 may be coming out this upcoming Tuesday, no one knows for sure. Blizzard doesn’t like to have release dates due to problems with delivering. Who cares, though? You do. Haha, so let us talk about 3.3 a little better. Looking over the Patch Notes, there isn’t much going on for Elemental Shamans, sadly. Well, really Shamans in general. Any buffs we are getting are for all Specs.

  • Reincarnation is being dropped to 30 minutes, with 15 minute reduction through Talents in the Restoration tree.
  • Fire Elemental and Earth Elemental are being dropped to 10 minute CDs.
  • Fire Nova Totem is being removed to make way for the Fire Nova spell, which does the same exact thing without having to drop a totem.

Fire Nova is gonna turn your current Fire Totem that is placed out (Searing, Magma, Frost Resistance, Totem of Wrath, etc) into an AoE burst like the original Fire Nova Totem. It will set off the Global CD of 1.5 seconds and be on a 10 second CD itself with a 2/4 second reduction (and 10/20% increase in damage) through Talents in the Elemental Tree. I’ve thought about situations where this becomes viable and mostly lands on trash packs or when a boss is placed right up next to your totems, haha. Must be within 30 yards of the Totem itself, but shouldn’t have to worry about LoS. It’ll require a bit more strategic placement of your Totems amongst the enemies, as well. Glyph of Fire Nova Totem is going to reduce the CD of Fire Nova spell by 3 seconds, though it still probably won’t come into the mainstream Glyphing options.

In the Talent world, Elemental Mastery is getting a change from 15% crit to 15% haste, which is pretty awesome. As mentioned above, Improved Fire Nova Totem is taking off the Totem, removing the Stun, and replacing it with a 2/4 second CD reduction. Haste is reigning king as we move away from Turreting, as talked about in the Thoughts About Haste post. Thunderstorm will no longer be able to use it while Cyclone’d. Rats, haha.

In the Tier world, we are getting a very nice set bonus (when coupled with the Elemental Mastery change) and one that will have to be played around with. Each cast of Lightning Bolt will reduce the CD of Elemental Mastery by 2 seconds for our 2set. Our 4set will reduce the CD of Lava Burst by 1.5 seconds. No matter how much Haste you have, you probably won’t be able to make up for that 1.5 seconds of Lightning Bolt and Lightning Overload DPS lost, but then you have to take into account the fact that you’ll be casting Lava Burst 1.5 seconds sooner. I haven’t done anything on the PTR this time around, so I can’t make any firm conclusions. Among the changes, our Tier 9 Elemental 4set is being changed from a 20% increase to Lava Burst damage to leaving a DoT on the Target for 10% of the spell damage for 6 seconds.

In the Gear world, the Elemental Relic will be like all the others: a stacking effect. It is based around Flame Shock damage ticks. 44 Haste per Tick, stacking 5 times for a grand total of 220 Haste, 20 Haste over the Totem of the Electrifying Wind. Effect lasts for 30 seconds. I don’t see it being at all impossible to maintain this as a static buff, unless the Internal CD is a bit crazy, though it probably won’t be. As far as loot, currently there appears to be a lot of Spell Mail that has MP5 on it, which isn’t too optimal.There are also no weapons that scream “Elemental” but that is oft the case. There is a Haste/MP5 dagger from 10man. The mace from 25man has a Healing proc on it, with no other stats other than SP.

Of the Tier pieces, only 2 (gloves and pants) are carrying Hit rating and they total 143 Hit rating (on the lowest ilvl). The rest are the awesome Haste/SP/Crit. Only 2 Blue sockets, 1 on chest and 1 on shoulders. The rest are Red, except for a single Yellow on the pants. Socket bonuses are all SP (around 33 SP on the lowest ilvl).

There you have it, information taken from various sites that are publically accessible all compiled in a single place for no reason whatsoever, haha.



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