PuGs are Ugly

30 01 2010

Both the dog, and the style of raiding. My Shaman tends to get into the most trouble PuGging, mainly due to me actually wanting things on her, while the Bear and the Witch get things collaterally. Had a really bad time yesterday with an Ony25 PuG, which leads me into a topic: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

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The Good, the Bad and the Annoying

26 01 2010

I was listening to a recent podcast from The Hunting Lodge and on there a guest was talking about how she disliked Macros, though I think she was thinking of it from a pure simplification view and of an extreme case: Removing all spells to Macros, so that when only one effect is wanted, you are unable to do so. Brigwyn countered with a “If I want just one effect, it is on my bars already. Default UI like a boss.” I use Macros to get things done or to add flavour. Sometimes the former can go bad, as shown in the previous sentences. The latter can also be bad, as I’ll talk about later.

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We’re Going into Overtime!

22 01 2010

I forgot to do a post yesterday, so I shall do one today. The schedule will look like so: Tuesday = Maint. Post, Friday = OT Post (Overtime since I tend to have Overtime at work and working the graveyard shift means that my OT actually starts at 11PM on Fridays). What shall I talk about in this OT post? Well, it just came to my attention that all my toons are female. I logged in, saw my Blood Elf Warlock chilling there, and the idea hit me: Nagrarok, why are all your toons female? (Except for Rawksy, who is a male Dwarf Paladin, who will probably end up being female someday. Ewww… dorf sex change).

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New Attunements

19 01 2010

Being that today is┬ámaintenance┬áday and I work the graveyard shift, I won’t be playing today. Instead, I shall present a small food for thought kinda thing that I come up with at work the prior night at flesh it out a bit every Tuesday morning. Stay tuned for the next post on Thursday, which will be about something, hopefully more interesting.

I know what you’re thinking, “Nag, there are no attunements anymore, unless you are talking about the simplistic ones for the new 5 mans. GTFO.” Nah, that is not what I’m talking about. It is a commonly recurring thing on my server, only Alliance side that I’ve seen thus far. It is a cold day in /2, your want to warm up your bones with some raiding. What is a person to do? “[role] LFG any raid” amirite?

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Gear != Skill, Track Earth Shield

16 01 2010

Everyone knows that I like to PuG. I tend to do it daily and for lengths of time on my toons. Today was no different. Got home from working some OT and decided, “I’d like some Frost Emblems.”

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The Shoveltusk, The Witch and the Bear

15 01 2010

Lately, I oft go to myself and I say, “Self, you don’t write that often. And when you write, you don’t really write anything useful.” I then punch myself in the face and say, “Bitch… you’re right.” With that in mind, I’ve decided to start to make a change on this here blog. Maybe it will make it more appealing, maybe people will stop visiting. My hopes is that I can rope in some people and get on the F-list of WoW bloggers. That is my goal.

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Lucky Charms

2 01 2010

You’ve seen them in raids before. A defined killing order for ease of continuation. “Kill this mob first. I’ll mark him as {skull}. Sap that caster {diamond}. Frost Trap that other one, {square}.” In 5 mans, it is rather useless unless the group you are with is on its first time through or is showing horrible promise. For the most part, it is a tank running in, AoE, collect lewtz. A simple concept… but why don’t people do it?

Star, Nipple/Condom, Diamond, Green Panties, Moon, Square, X, Skull. Learn to love.

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