Lucky Charms

2 01 2010

You’ve seen them in raids before. A defined killing order for ease of continuation. “Kill this mob first. I’ll mark him as {skull}. Sap that caster {diamond}. Frost Trap that other one, {square}.” In 5 mans, it is rather useless unless the group you are with is on its first time through or is showing horrible promise. For the most part, it is a tank running in, AoE, collect lewtz. A simple concept… but why don’t people do it?

Star, Nipple/Condom, Diamond, Green Panties, Moon, Square, X, Skull. Learn to love.

I have 4 viable toons to enter Heroic LFD: a Healer, a Tank, and two DPS. On my healer, I tend to get an outside view of this whole experience that is pretty much equivalent to standing in line at the DMV. It is the complete breakdown of the human condition. On my tank, I’ve made use of the marking system for particular mobs to make things easy on the healers (Spell Flingers in OK, Skirmishers in AN, basically Nerubians in general, those assholes).

So, I come into a Heroic Violet Hold with some guildies so they can get their Random Heroic out of the way. We stumble upon a tank who is marking mobs. MDs are going up, Volley is happening. After a few trash portals, the tank says, “Why is {skull} the last to die?” Now, skull isn’t presenting any alarming threat. No 20k spell hits in his arsenal, so what is the big deal? It is just HVH. I told that to the tank, to which he replied, “That isn’t the god damned point. It doesn’t matter whether it is ICC or HVH, you do what the god damned tank tells you to do.” After this, the tank decided to throw a hissy fit, not pick up trash, to which the hunter just continually MD’d to him. After 2 portals, he left. I think he was from Executus or some other realm, I didn’t really pay attention.

95% effective

In another setting, I was on my tank in OK, marking up Spell Flingers to be interrupted and the like. I run in, Swipe/Maul combo, then start to Mangle and all that goodness. Each DPS started to single-target DPS a different mob. And not a different mob as in they all targeted one. They each grabbed a different one and did a little dance called the “dying dance.” I asked, “Why did {skull} not get taken care of, a little FF ffs?” To which a Warlock replied, “It is called AoE. It is used when we want to kill more than one mob at once.” I review Recount. No Rain of Fire. No Blizzard. No Volley. No Multishot. No Living Bomb. No AoE abilities to be seen. I tell them of this, get a “l2play” and then I leave.

Two contrasting stories, resulting from different perspectives of play. Was I in the wrong on my tank? I’m pretty sure Swipe can’t really keep up with single-target spells/crits. I shouldn’t have to blow CDs (AoE taunt, Berserk) in order to do trash packs. I’ve had good experiences with better played characters who know how to displace threat (Tricks of the Trade, Misdirection), how to differentiate between when they are supposed to single-target and when to AoE, and generally know how to make things go smooth. We are all in these heroics for one thing, typically, and that is to get some Emblems. We all want a smooth experience. If your healer is able to keep you up without having a mana break, chain-pull. If you are able to keep the tank up, have him/her grab a few mob packs. If you can interrupt, interrupt the caster to make it move closer to the tank.

I was tanking in Heroic Forge of Souls, a new instance in 3.3. There are two types of trash leaded to the first boss: melee and caster. The melee groups are easy, it is funny to watch caster DPS die when the reflect goes up. The caster groups are spread out and for tanks that don’t really have much in the way of long range interruption, these can be a bit of a problem. I run in, grab up 4/5 of the mobs, but the 5th is eluding me. I Faerie Fire for some residual aggro. A DPS DK runs over and starts wailing on it. Enough Runic Power to Mind Freeze until the cows come home, but he just keeps going off on it. He pulls it, dies to a few casts, I laugh. He asks if I have a DPS set, to which I reply, “If your DPS is anything like your tanking, I can’t be held responsible for the deaths of my comrades. The least you could’ve done is Death Grip-ed it over.”

Maybe it is my choice of toon to tank, should’ve made my Shaman a tank. Then I have groups that go smoother than a clean shave, so it can’t be me, can it? Or maybe there is a hidden debuff called “suck” and if I’m in a group with X amount of crumby DPS that has been /ignore’d by X amount of people on other realms, I am inevitably gonna have a bad time. And that is what it boils down to. I shouldn’t have to stare agog at the antics of particular toons. Also, Army of the Dead can go die in a fire.



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