The Shoveltusk, The Witch and the Bear

15 01 2010

Lately, I oft go to myself and I say, “Self, you don’t write that often. And when you write, you don’t really write anything useful.” I then punch myself in the face and say, “Bitch… you’re right.” With that in mind, I’ve decided to start to make a change on this here blog. Maybe it will make it more appealing, maybe people will stop visiting. My hopes is that I can rope in some people and get on the F-list of WoW bloggers. That is my goal.

So, I’ll list a few of the changes:

  • I’m going to be talking more about my experience with PuGging, as that is all I can do.
  • I’ll be updating more regularly. More than likely there will be a post every Tuesday (as I work the graveyard shift and don’t play due to maint.) and maybe a Thursday, maybe a weekend post. I’ll work out the details.
  • I’m going to talk more about my personal life, allowing people to get to know the person behind the mask.
  • Probably not going to get too far into my life, haha. It is really depressing and that might make people sad or nerdrage.

I’ve mentioned them in the past, but I’m going to explain it a bit more. I currently really have 3 max level toons: Nagrarok (the Shoveltusk), Athesh (the Witch), and Sichae (the Bear). I use these guys to further my own ends of destroying boredom and the eternal struggle bore from this battle.

I don’t min/max. I don’t theorycraft. I don’t bash other people (that much). I don’t think too highly of my playing. What I do is talk about everyday life in Azeroth on Khadgar-A and how much I enjoy to PuG. I belong to a very fine guild, though I had to stop raiding back in Oct. ’09 due to real life issues (I needed to stop being lazy and get a job). I work at a plastics factory near my house to make a living. I am 21, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs. So, let’s begin this long strange trip. 🙂

PS: A new header will be done by a good friend of mine (who I am repaying by running her through Sethekk Halls on my Druid for the Reins of the Raven Lord). Hopefully it’ll be done in the upcoming days/weeks.

PSS: I really need to clean up my desk.



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