Gear != Skill, Track Earth Shield

16 01 2010

Everyone knows that I like to PuG. I tend to do it daily and for lengths of time on my toons. Today was no different. Got home from working some OT and decided, “I’d like some Frost Emblems.”

So, I log into Nagrarok, queue myself as a healer, wait 5 seconds, then get into a group for Violet Hold. In there was a Rogue of moderate gear level, ready to hit up ICC on either level. He is only pushing 3k DPS on bosses… including Heroism. I don’t get it. In my mediocre gear on my Shaman, I can push around 6k without much thought. I’m sure Rogues are one of those classes, though, that you can’t really faceroll and hitting that mark might be something special for him. To note… I have seen people in similar gear, Rogues, hitting 7k. So, where is the disconnect? PEBKAC, in my honest opinion.

During this Violet Hold, I noted one of my favourite things that I have set up: How I track Earth Shield. In my UI, I have Grid set up to display any targets in the raid/group/party that have an Earth Shield buff currently on them, no matter if it is mine or note (thus I can make sure to get one up on them if they’re in my zone of control). During Vezax downings, I decided the easiest way to conserve my mana would be to only recast Earth Shield when it was really close to dropping off, say around 2 charges or so. Using Clique along with Grid, I set up a custom macro for my Earth Shield cast:

And then using Power Auras, I have a display of a large Purple Shield around my character to notify me that there is 2 or less charges of Earth Shield currently on my Focus, which looks a little like this:

Allowing me to conserve mana by not recasting if I don’t need it, as well as giving me a warning when it is about to go down. Makes me a happy Shammy to know when things are going bad or when I’m bored and want to go below 95% mana in a Heroic.

For Sichae, the first random was Forge of Souls, which had already been started but after 2 trash packs, the tank left or something, never got the full story. I forgot to do my whole spiel about how I only have 2 interrupts, 1 is range dependent and the other is on a minute CD. Wouldn’t you know it, I grab up 4/5 mobs and the other is casting, Faerie Fire for residual aggro, a quick Taunt, Swipe/Maul, and the Warrior is over there, not Pummel-ing or anything, just full out attacking it. The rest of the run was peachy until the last boss. The DK in the group decided to pop AotD, which I thoroughly hate as a Tank, especially in a Heroic.

Didn’t get around to playing the Witch today, decided to start moving to another room in the house, as this one is causing me problems and the other one has a better setup in there.

Until next time… which will probably be on Tuesday, where I’ll talk about something that comes to mind.

Fudge… I really want to play Shining in the Darkness right about now. /dusts off the Wii



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