New Attunements

19 01 2010

Being that today is maintenance day and I work the graveyard shift, I won’t be playing today. Instead, I shall present a small food for thought kinda thing that I come up with at work the prior night at flesh it out a bit every Tuesday morning. Stay tuned for the next post on Thursday, which will be about something, hopefully more interesting.

I know what you’re thinking, “Nag, there are no attunements anymore, unless you are talking about the simplistic ones for the new 5 mans. GTFO.” Nah, that is not what I’m talking about. It is a commonly recurring thing on my server, only Alliance side that I’ve seen thus far. It is a cold day in /2, your want to warm up your bones with some raiding. What is a person to do? “[role] LFG any raid” amirite?

Or you can go the other way and wait for something to come along, which is where the topic stems from. “LFM ToC10, link achievement” or “LFM VoA25, 5k+ GS” both of which I find it be ridiculous. These are the new attunements that I speak of. If you don’t have them, you either have to wait for another group, or haggle with the raid leader to let you in (which I have successfully done and will talk about later on). So, in order to get into a raid to get an achievement that I have to link to the RL in order to be brought into the raid to get the achievement… yeah, it is kinda bogus.

A simple chart...

So, while on my Shaman, ready and excited to go heal something, anything, I see, “LFM ICC10, need 1 healer.” I /w the guy, and he responds, “Link achievement.” To which I reply, “I don’t raid that much anymore, I know the fights/trash and I can excel pretty well.” After a while, “Nah.” 15 minutes pass by, /2 is intermittently interrupted by “LF1M for ICC10, need healer.” I get a /w, “Alright, I’ll take you if you can keep up.” I surpassed the other healers and got to Saurfang, but was smote due to bad ranged DPS on the adds.

On my tanking alt, I see “LFM ToC10, link achievement.” Well, I can’t rightly do that, as I don’t have it. I’ve tanked Ony25, Ulduar, Ony10… yet no ToC. I didn’t want to chance it, so I didn’t send a tell. I missed out on gear and was a sad bear. I have around 50k health when buffed, which is more than enough for ToC10. Alas, I had a momentary lapse of adequacy and passed. But, I do have the balls to hop into an Ony25 and be a fudgin’ pro tank. /flex Maybe some other time, I tell myself.

One last story, I was on my Warlock, sitting around in Dalaran. I see, “LFM (1) Healer for ICC10, be geared/know fights.” I /w, “I’ll heal it, just let me hop over to my Shaman.” A reply, “Are you geared?” Not really knowing what he meant, I said, “5k+ GS,” and got a “nty” in response. Was it the wrong answer? I mean, I hadn’t had trouble in ICC before. I enjoyed it, but apparently my gear was either inadequate or this person was smart enough to realize that GS is a totally cheatable system of ranking (though, I don’t cheat it). I have shitty trinkets from Ulduar and Naxx still, my boots are from Ulduar, my ring is from OS. 500 rep away from getting my first AV ring, and I answered the question wrong or was, once again, not toon enough to raid.

I understand it is a way to tell if a person has at least seen the content. Though, that isn’t an accurate gauge of a person’s knowledge. Having never been in ICC before that one day, I outperformed the other healer and kept the raid up. I’ve watched videos for fights. I’m certainly going to do better in thansituation that the people that you are carrying every week for guild runs. If I don’t have the achievement or your oddball level of gear that is necessary, why can’t I get to raid? You didn’t have it at one point either.



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19 01 2010

I love it when I armory some of the folks putting these “link achiv” raids together. My favorite is when they don’t have the achievment themselves.

Sounds odd, but I have seen it more than once.

19 01 2010

Dechion is absolutely correct, though I have been curious about something…does the person asking you to link your achievement actually ever bother to look to see if you have completed it?

It might be interesting to see what would happen if someone asks you to “link achievement”, and you link an uncompleted one.

As a side note, while GS isn’t necessarily a good representation of someone’s abilities, Elitist Group may be a bit more telling (though could be equally as inaccurate as GS), in that with it you can see how many times a toon has completed a specific encounter.

Personally, I would rather take someone that has completed 25-man Twin Valkyr 7 times, with no Anub’arak kills to an Anub fight than someone who has done both only 1 time, because I would almost assume the person that has killed the twins 7 times was likely alive for at least one of those, and probably not carried, while I have no guarantees on the person that has 1 of each kill.

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