We’re Going into Overtime!

22 01 2010

I forgot to do a post yesterday, so I shall do one today. The schedule will look like so: Tuesday = Maint. Post, Friday = OT Post (Overtime since I tend to have Overtime at work and working the graveyard shift means that my OT actually starts at 11PM on Fridays). What shall I talk about in this OT post? Well, it just came to my attention that all my toons are female. I logged in, saw my Blood Elf Warlock chilling there, and the idea hit me: Nagrarok, why are all your toons female? (Except for Rawksy, who is a male Dwarf Paladin, who will probably end up being female someday. Ewww… dorf sex change).

I started playing WoW around 2007, near November. I was in a Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory clan and they were playing, so I decided to join up. For the longest time, I was doing programming for a browser based RPG called Legend of the Green Dragon and my persona of there was a one Sichae Saracen, a Kitsune. Hmm… a fox in WoW? How about a Druid? So, I rolled a Druid named Sichae, sex of female. My second toon was Nagrarok, the Dwarf Hunter. Next was a Draenei Warrior, female, named Stryken. None of these toons saw past level 30. After a few months, I quit the clan and quit WoW.

I came back to it after a few months, playing with a friend, rolled a male rogue named Romand. He got to level 40 and I started to think, “I like melee and all that… but how about a caster? What is the closest stretch to melee, but can be a caster?” Thus Nagrarok was reborn, as a male Draenei Shaman. As a side note: Nagrarok came from the game Final Fantasy Tactics, one of the weakest swords in the game that had a chance to cast Toad on the enemy. Where was I? Oh yeah… so, I was playing on a PvP server and was getting into STV, which is pretty much the bane of my existence. After about 5 days of working on only a handful of quests due to ganking, I transferred off to Khadgar. Romand didn’t survive the journey.

Nagrarok was able to level to 70, farmed some rep for some old PvP blues from various factions, then raided Kara and Gruul’s a few times. Then Wrath dropped, I made a DK on another server to beat a co-worker to 80. Then I leveled Nagrarok back up to max level, raiding Naxx25 as Elemental. In the guild I was in at the time, they were going through Naxx10 and needed another healer so a DPS didn’t have to offspec it as much. I answered the call and went Restoration. And I’ve never changed since. I’ve gotten really off topic, haha.

After a few months of raiding, I started to think, “Healers are supposed to lithe, aren’t they? I mean… I look like I’m on steroids.” The following hours, I purchased a Character Recustomization, and went from male to female. When I decided to make a tanking toon, I brought back Sichae Saracen, as a female druid, which has already been explained. I brought my DK over to Khadgar then Faction Transfer to Alliance for a female Gnome in pigtails. I then leveled a female Gnome Warlock, Race Changed to Human at 80, then Faction Transfer to Blood Elf to see if queuing for LFD was better on Horde side. Once again, I’m off topic.

It isn’t anything sexual or fetishized. Not anywhere on the creepiness level of living in my parent’s basement and eating kittens. For the most part, it is just an aesthetic choice. The Human male is too jacked on HGH to really be of use. Dwarves are just odd looking in general, though I have had a change of heart with a Paladin toon. Night Elf males fall into the category of Humans, with being disproportionate. Draenei males, as mentioned above, are just odd looking. As for Gnomes, I may not be Horde, but I want to punt the little buggers around. 😛



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