The Good, the Bad and the Annoying

26 01 2010

I was listening to a recent podcast from The Hunting Lodge and on there a guest was talking about how she disliked Macros, though I think she was thinking of it from a pure simplification view and of an extreme case: Removing all spells to Macros, so that when only one effect is wanted, you are unable to do so. Brigwyn countered with a “If I want just one effect, it is on my bars already. Default UI like a boss.” I use Macros to get things done or to add flavour. Sometimes the former can go bad, as shown in the previous sentences. The latter can also be bad, as I’ll talk about later.

Currently, I only have 1, maybe 2, Macros on my Shaman. It is a simple: /cast [button:2] Earthliving Weapon; Flametongue Weapon. On my Bear, I have some things bound to trigger Maul for pretty much every strike (Mangle, Lacerate, Swipe). On my Witch, I have one to destroy Soul Shards (though not needed anymore due to getting a 32 slot Soul Bag). All of them serve a purpose, allowing me to, for example on my Shaman, not need to have 2 places in my action bars taken up. With my Bear, it is an ends to a means of only really needing to hit buttons, though I do find it starves my Rage a bit, which makes things a hassle since most DPS is really… ADD.

I’ve come across ones for Dalaran Brilliance, an emote saying, “teach them the way of dalaran thinking.” Dalaran is a place, why no capitalization? That tends to be a trend, attaching emotes to actions. Came across a Feral Druid with an emote and a yell attached to Shred. So, when they decided to mash on the button, chatbox was filled to the brim with, “Taste my Shred” and “Player reaches out a paw and shreds <no target>’s flesh.” I wish to make one on my Bear for when I see people doing stupid things, such as dying to a Enrage’d Cyclone Strike, then getting battle rezzed, then Charge-ing straight back into it, dying only seconds later. It would be along the lines of, “/y Unbelievable!”

Had some macros back in the day, very fanciful. Got a bit out of hand. NPC location/sound triggering, Fishing pole + lure management. Had to take a hammer to them, they were causing the undoing of Azeroth. Then again, I don’t actively fish anymore, nor do I go out searching for rare mobs.

On Friday or Saturday, I’ll be talking about the difficulty of WoW as compared to other games.



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