PuGs are Ugly

30 01 2010

Both the dog, and the style of raiding. My Shaman tends to get into the most trouble PuGging, mainly due to me actually wanting things on her, while the Bear and the Witch get things collaterally. Had a really bad time yesterday with an Ony25 PuG, which leads me into a topic: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

You see it all the time now, hybrid classes switching to a Tank spec just to beat the Queue times, and they tend to have little or no knowledge of tanking and generally retard the process. You can tell right off the bat, usually: Badge gear out the arse, from various levels of exchange (Valor Shield, Triumph Armor, Conquest accessories). They will usually not know how to tackle encounters, will blame DPS for pulling when they are only generating 2k TPS or not using all their abilities to control. As a Bear, I basically run in and Swipe/Maul macro’d in one button so I can just mash 5 and it works 95% of the time. But when you look at a class such as the Warrior, you have weak AoE tanking abilities unless you know what you are doing. Paladins are easy to use for tanking newbies. Everyone that is a DK wants to tank using DW, even though it requires more thought than an Unholy or Blood tank. I’ve noticed new DW DK tanks having weak TPS and an inability to grab up mobs, leading to more party damage than is needed. But, that is what you get when queues are bad. People get desperate and extreme measures must be taken.

So, back to that Ony25 PuG. Just because you can start a group and convert it to a raid, doesn’t mean you can be a Raid Leader. I understand that it is just a PuG, but when common knowledge things such as Battle Shout writing over Blessing of Might are so alien to you, pass the reins off. It took about 20 minutes to full form the group. I look at my raid frames, 5 groups, 25 people, we’re good. I scan over health bars and see only one over 30k… “/raid You are under the knowledge that we only have 1 tank in this raid, right?” “When did the other tank leave?” “5 minutes ago.” One of the Ret Paladins switches to Prot. I’ve never done Ony with 2 tanks, but these guys were confident.

The first Warder gets aggroed while the tank is calling for Might to be placed on a Priest. Some folk die, add gets picked up, downed. Every mob in between the entrance and Ony was a hassle. Once we get there, the RL is continually asking for a Paladin to do Might. After a few /facepalm, ready check goes up, everyone says Yes. MT walks in, aggroes Onyxia, turns her towards the raid that is filing beside her for the tank to get her in position. Half the raid dies to due Cleave/Flame Breath. I rolled my eyes, left the group and parted ways. Went downstairs, laid on the couch, and fell asleep.

As a person in a position of command, whether it be a tank or a raid leader, you have to know what you are getting in to. If you genuinely want to tank and are working at it, the group shouldn’t have a problem with it. But, if you are just doing it to beat queue times and are holding everyone back (IE: I was in a group with a fresh Tank, after about 7 minutes of getting situated, he ran in, didn’t pick up an add. I heal-aggroed it, died. Asked him what happened and he said, “Let me get aggro first.” With an eyebrow cocked, I looked at the linear fashion of the instance and sighed, as I don’t tend to quit out of these things, lest things go really bad), you’re going to make some people angry. DPS will start acting stupid, healers won’t heal out of fear for their lives. Please take thought in your action to begin tanking. Don’t do it for a 10 minute headstart. Do it because you enjoy that aspect of play. Unless you are a bear and just like to press one button and teabag DPS who died. 🙂



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