Restoration Shaman Guide, 3.3 style

2 03 2010

I was browsing recent things and saw that I really haven’t written an updated Resto Shaman guide for new patches (not too much has changed, though). So, you want to go Resto? Or perhaps you are already Resto and want to spruce things up a bit? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Pulled an old guide out and decided to spruce it up as well. Stumbled across a guide the other day and saw the writer opening a can of Eldritch Worms when making certain suggestions. Let’s get down to business…

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  • Haste: This is your primary stat, haha. Doesn’t really matter the type of raid environment (10 or 25, though in 25s it will benefit more) or the type of assignment (raid or tank healing). The more Haste you have, the faster you are able to drop bomb heals and snipe heals. Also, the higher the Haste, the lower the GCD is (up to 1 second, which occurs at around 1269 Haste). I’ve seen people surpass the Haste cap. It isn’t mandatory by any means, but if you have a Yellow socket, don’t let me see an Int gem in there. /shakefist
  • Spell Power: This is what makes your numbers higher. Higher numbers equals a healthy raid/party/group. With Ancestral Awakening being changed a bunch of patches ago to include a total heal, instead of just an effective heal, don’t worry about dropping a heal on someone that will end up with a 2k overheal. If it crits, which it probably should, free heal for someone else within 40yds.
  • Intellect: Will come from gear, don’t gem it. You really don’t need that much mana to survive in most raid content, thought I will admit, I haven’t taken my Shaman deeper into ICC than Deathbringer, so I can’t really talk. But, with the amount that comes off of gear, you should really have no problems.
  • MP5: Kind of a dead stat. It is enjoyable, don’t get me wrong. However, the amount of mana returned from sources such as Improved Water Shield, Insightful Earthshiege Diamond, Replenishment, etc. you shouldn’t find yourself OOM enough for the MP5. If you need to fill a Blue socket, for with Stamina hybrid (purple, green) for Survivablity or just toss a MP5 hybrid (purple, green).
  • Critical Strike rating: Once again, like Intellect, don’t gem it. It will come from gear and is pretty awesome. It procs effects such as Ancestral Awakening (bonus Heal), Ancestral Healing (10% dmg reduction), Improved Water Shield (mana return) and more (trinkets at the like). In a raid, your crit will be anywhere 30%-50%+, with increases of 25% from Tidal Waves on LHW.

While on the lookout for new gear, you’ll want to be scoped for Haste. Any of the combinations that include Haste are probably going to be an upgrade. SP/Crit/Haste, SP/Haste/MP5. If your raid leader will let you, have a stab at some SP/Haste/Spirit items. While Spirit isn’t beneficial (yet), the other stats will outweigh that if it is truly an all around upgrade.

Glyphs: This shouldn’t be too hard.

  • Glyph of Earth Shield: 20% increased heal from Earth Shield. This is pretty much mandatory. Earth Shield is a reactive heal, very mana efficient.
  • The Glyph of Chain Heal (1 additional bound for CH) is good for 25s, not so much for 10s or Heroics (unless you run melee/ranged heavy and they stack, good luck).
  • The Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave (20% increased healing on the target if they carry Earth Shield, doesn’t have to be yours) is good for Heroics, 10s, and 25s. If you are on tank duty in a raid, it’ll make LHW a more mana efficient and sexy heal.
  • The Glyph of Riptide (increased duration of Riptide by 6 seconds, 2 extra ticks) is a good choice for Heroics, 10s, and 25s raid healing. Having a long ticking HoT up that boosts CH by 25% is good for keeping a raid up easily.

Talent Builds:

There are really only 2-3 Resto Shaman PvE builds floating around, althought they are pretty much the same except for the placement of 6 points. Here is your basic build (can’t push any farther 2 points, which I’ll show at the end): For the 6 points, you can place them in either:

  • Elemental Weapons: 45 SP increase while Earthliving Weapon is active. Does NOT increase the healing done by the Earthliving HoT proc.
  • Healing Focus: 23%/46%/70% pushback reduction while using healing spells. Not really necessary as you shouldn’t be having a problem, but it is nice to have 100% pushback reduction with Concentration Aura up from a Paladin.
  • Healing Way: 8%/16%/25% increased healing done from Healing Wave. Healing Wave is still the least used spell in a Shaman’s spellbook, but it does come in handy for bomb healing or patching up spike damage. Healing Wave is also a guaranteed proc of Improved Water Shield when it crits and will deliver a massive Ancestral Awakening on someone when it does. Though, it still is a mana hog, though cast time isn’t much of an issue anymore.

Entirely situational, once again. If you have the mana pool, haste, etc. to use Healing Wave more than usual, go with: Healing Way and Healing Focus. If you can’t/don’t want to have Healing Wave anywhere in your heals, you can go with: Elemental Weapons and Healing Focus. If you can guarantee that you will not be affected by pushback at all, you can go with: Healing Way and Elemental Weapons.

That wasn’t so hard, was it. Next time I might write up a pre-raiding gear list or update and old post.

For tips on how to actual heal, head on over to here: Old Buddies, you and I.




13 responses

25 03 2010

i have 924 haste

7 07 2010

Is this a joke? You know there are purple gems that fit both blue and red right? Same with orange ect… Also you didn’t say anything of how to heal a raid with should be the MAIN part of a restro guide.

7 07 2010

I don’t understand what you are trying to get at.

Never said this was a guide to teach someone how to heal a raid (which is fairly obvious given the fact that Shamans have 5 heals).

Never said this was a gemming guide, though if you wish to min/max with keeping socket bonuses, you should never use purple gems. Never. Orange (Reckless Ametrine) is good for Red sockets. Green (Energized Eye of Zul) is good for Blue sockets.

12 07 2010

Ive been shaman for around 4 years now, mainly resto, and atm i proc 1200haste ub and +2k haste fully self buffed, which makes it so much more fun for me atleast. i proc my mp5 from watershield and +45mana regen flask which is more than enough for me, and to the intellect part? ive gemmed 0 intellect and got 26k ub from gear, tho i do got 6002gs , but my lovely shaman here brings some nice healings to both icc10 Hc and icc25 hc. It doesnt really matters if i slack the first 50seconds of an boss fight, im still able to top HPS afterwards within few minutes .. 🙂

3 09 2010


You hit 1200 haste with level 277 gear… but your average shaman will be from 950 to 1050 haste..

Ive been resto practically since TBC and I still never understood how to heal a raid perfectly. The truth is, there’s no actual guide on how to heal a raid as a shaman, and that’s the beauty of it. One thing I came across though in this “guide” that I have to look over is my glyphs, since I don’t need improve water shield anymore I could replace it with Glyph of Earthshield.

And damn… I need more haste im sitting on 954 I was at 1003 with t9.5 I just don’t know if its worth giving up the 4 set bonus. What do I do?

2 10 2010

Once you can get the T10 2pc, I’d say go for it. The 20% Haste is really nice for a Supercharged CH, a super fast HW (Tidal Waves + 20%), or a “I just clipped my GCD… again” LHW. 😛

The 4pc T9 was hard to get rid of myself, but the change in venue of going from 25s to 10s, I found CH to be a bit less useful so I traded up for better looking armor. Haha.

2 10 2010


Im a resto shammy only since wotlk. i have 860 haste with no buffs with 5533 Gearscore, is this to low? what can i do to improve it?

Please reply :3

2 10 2010

I’ve been Resto only since the beginning of Wrath, too. 🙂

Well, the stats are just fine. 1269 is just the soft cap for LHW, which I myself haven’t reached. I am usually around 1137, 10xx when I have Trauma equipped. If you find yourself unable to be competitive in a raid setting, feel free to swap out gems for Haste (Quick King’s Amber, Reckless Ametrine, Energized Eye of Zul are my standbys). There is a link to my Armory page for inspiration/ideas:

The next thing I can suggest is to start looking at items that traded MP5 for Haste. You can get away with 300 in combat/casting regen with Water Shield up, so little needs to come from gear. Normally someone will say it is for a DPS class, as it will by SP/Crit/Haste, but those are the type of items that are just great. Haste for speed, Crit for lotsa procs+synergies.

Find a nice weapon that has Haste on it. Whether it is Midnight Sun or Lockjaw, though Midnight Sun is easier to obtain, especially since you can easily do Heroic Gunship10 with any PuG nowadays. The only real option for a weapon in 25s that has nice stats on it would be the Royal Scepter of Terenas II… and if you are downing LK25, good on you. 😛 If you can find a PuG for ToC10, you can get a really nice Dagger from Faction Champions, the Blade of the Silver Disciple.

Don’t be afraid to use Staves if you want to reach a bit higher. Though, it is more useful to have a Shield as they tend to offer better stats in more areas that you won’t find on a Staff, and the 7k+ armor helps when just running around. 😛

With a lot of this guide kinda going out the door in the next few months, I’d tell you to not really worry about it. So long as you are having fun, that is what is most important.

5 10 2010

NAG dude i haven’t seen you since Mad World…well anyway, i recently went horde with an undead spriest and a tauren prot war, decided to make an orc resto sham and wanted to look up a guide..what a wierd way to see you again >.>

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