Childhood Raid Guide: The Eye of Eternity

21 04 2010

Hello kids, welcome to the Childhood Raid Guide. Another thing for me to play around with. The background: Malygos was the Weekly on Khadgar this week and I thought to myself, “Oh gosh… this is gonna be terribad. No one knows how to do this.” I saw in /2, “LFM [Malygos Must Die!], link achievement.” Now, normally I am against this, but for a fight as such, it helps for people to know what they are doing and it is over a year old… if you haven’t done it, there are very few excuses. We got in there, sparks weren’t stacked. We were running melee heavy with only 1 ranged, and the DK who we assigned to position/stack sparks was dropping them on the other side of the platform. Drake fighting was terrible… everyone died because they didn’t know that if you sit on top of Malygos, you get hurt and die rather fast. But… that is for later. Let us begin.

Malygos is mean, covets Magic, and has very stinky breath.

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They did what?!

13 04 2010

I’d like to dedicate this post to my friend Kiara who recently dinged a Druid to 80. While it isn’t a Shaman… I have a druid, so I can let her slide. I was talking to her today and she kinda lended to this post about mistakes.

We, as players, are human and we err. Except for the bots. And the hamsters. It may come from inexperience with content, lack of reading patch notes, or just a general lack of understanding about the World… of Warcraft. So, I’d like to present you with a few examples of mistakes that are both humorous and common.

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