They did what?!

13 04 2010

I’d like to dedicate this post to my friend Kiara who recently dinged a Druid to 80. While it isn’t a Shaman… I have a druid, so I can let her slide. I was talking to her today and she kinda lended to this post about mistakes.

We, as players, are human and we err. Except for the bots. And the hamsters. It may come from inexperience with content, lack of reading patch notes, or just a general lack of understanding about the World… of Warcraft. So, I’d like to present you with a few examples of mistakes that are both humorous and common.

1 – They died how? Waiting for a queue on my Warlock and I was plopped into Pit of Saron. Here I am thinking… maybe a Battered Hilt will drop, that’d be awesome. Also, I’d like that trinket or staff from the last boss. This will be awesome! Sadly, we never got past the 1st boss. On the approach, everything was fine, except that the healer wasn’t able to keep the tank topped off so the Glacial Strike from the Skycaller continued to eat away at him. Eventually he got healed and the debuff dropped. We ate Fish, tank asked if we were “rdy?” and headed in. Things were going smooth, until I saw that the Tank and Healer’s debuff continued to climb. The tank died with a stack of 27, while running back, they ask how we died. I said it was due to lack of heals and that the healer didn’t clear their debuff. Thinking that the tank had forgotten or something, I let him slide. After the second wipe, the Tank blames the Healer and asks them to drop. We get a replacement soon. Attempt 3: We run in, tank goes over 20 stacks and dies, mainly due to LoSing a healer who was clearing their stacks. “This is how I always tank it and I’ve never had a problem,” he said. I reply, “Well… 3-4 wipes is a problem. You can’t hope for a Resist, let the boss run back to you while you clear your debuff.” Last attempt, tank runs in, grabs a few of the adds, but lets the Healer gather 4-5 of them. I lay SoC on them to pull and bring them to the tank. Tank doesn’t AoE grab anything, I die, healer dies, tank dies. DPS drops, DPS drops, I drop. Hopped into CoS, got to Infinite Corrupter with 13 minutes to spare. Grabbed my Frosties and away I went.

Moral of the Story: Don’t wing fights with your method without explaining what you are doing. I had an experience in Gundrak at Moorabi, tank ran in, “I’m doing this my way,” and began to pull him to the back of the room, DPS had no idea what he was doing and did there thing, which resulted in a wipe and disbanding. Also, don’t rely on past success with a tactic with a set of people to work with an entirely new set of people.

2 – Who let them do ____? This is the story given by Kiara, which I found all to hilarious. So, the guild has been having issues in ICC due to people not showing up or being not prepared. So, after a few wipes on The Blood Council, a Warlock asks, “Is there a repair person?” The raid responds, “Yeah, once you are inside, go to the right. The guy by the tent will repair.” As they were getting ready for the next pull, a person notices that they are down a few thousand HP… and so is the rest of the raid. “[Warlock’s name], who did you talk to when you came in?” “He fucking talked to Wrynn!” His defense, “Well, you said that was the guy I had to talk to.” Luckily a soft reset will allow you to have the buff again, but no one wants to wait for that.

Moral of the Story: If you don’t know what something does, don’t proceed. Also, if a person has an anvil icon over them when you go to click them, they can repair your gear. And lastly, LORE CHARACTERS PROBABLY WON’T REPAIR YOUR GEAR. 🙂

3 – I was supposed to do what? When you enter unfamiliar territory, most tend to stop and assess what is going on. Notice the most, haha. Others will rush in blindly, throw their body against a door and wonder why it isn’t opening. Encounters are like doors and a proper key is needed to pass. Whether it is high DPS, coordinated movement, or Saronite Bombs, each encounter is typically unique and the same tactic won’t work for all. You will usually see it on a fight like Elder Nadox, Anomalous, or Anzu the Raven Lord. He’ll summon an add that grants him immunity and it is up to the group to down the add to be able to proceed with the fight. However, I will see people constantly striking the target, not doing any damage. As a tank, I find myself sitting on the add and killing it myself, or hoping that people will get the hint and attack the new item in the area that has made their DPS go down.

Moral of the Story: Don’t wing fights. If you don’t know the mechanics, ask. Yes, you will get jackasses that will berate you, but for the most part people are helpful. If you wing it, you risk causing things to go pear-shaped and no one likes pears. Wait, that is a bad moral. Everyone likes pears.

There you have it, some mistakes that I’ve witnessed and maybe you have to. What are some funny mistakes that you’ve seen in your travels? Next post should be about the new Shaman changes, maybe Druid and Warlock, too. Oh yeah, I finally went to the dark side and decided to play a Horde toon. She is only 14, but will one day… get deleted.



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13 04 2010

Good post!

13 04 2010

Honestly, the Pit of Saron fight that you mention has to be one of my least favorite 5-man fights to heal…because the tank NEVER brings the boss near the saronite boulders, and ultimately end up never clearing their stacks of the debuff. This is especially annoying healing as a discipline priest, because healing throughput is not as high (and it seems like the bubbles don’t absorb enough damage).

Number 2 was especially annoying last night (I was in there with Kiara), especially because I was the one that figured out what actually happened. This almost lead to the premature end of the raid (which in the end would actually have been better than what happened after).

As far as Number 3 is concerned, I completely agree…I would rather people ask what they are supposed to do on a fight, and forgo the repair cost of wiping, along with the added time of explanation. In fact, I experienced this exact thing last night when in Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom, and the group decided to head to Amanitar (the mushroom boss).

Apparently, the tank and DPS didn’t know WTF was going on, because I ended up with almost 3k HPS (as a Disc Priest) just trying to keep them alive. When we wiped they proceeded to ask, “Are you going to heal us?” I almost left the group, but decided to explain to them that all they had to do is kill the “good” mushrooms when they get the debuff. We tried again, and it took less than 30 seconds for them to kill the boss…amazing.

31 05 2010

for some reason my craptop at home wont let me view any wordpress websites.
but YAY a post dedicated to me ❤

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