Childhood Raid Guide: The Eye of Eternity

21 04 2010

Hello kids, welcome to the Childhood Raid Guide. Another thing for me to play around with. The background: Malygos was the Weekly on Khadgar this week and I thought to myself, “Oh gosh… this is gonna be terribad. No one knows how to do this.” I saw in /2, “LFM [Malygos Must Die!], link achievement.” Now, normally I am against this, but for a fight as such, it helps for people to know what they are doing and it is over a year old… if you haven’t done it, there are very few excuses. We got in there, sparks weren’t stacked. We were running melee heavy with only 1 ranged, and the DK who we assigned to position/stack sparks was dropping them on the other side of the platform. Drake fighting was terrible… everyone died because they didn’t know that if you sit on top of Malygos, you get hurt and die rather fast. But… that is for later. Let us begin.

Malygos is mean, covets Magic, and has very stinky breath.


Good morning, everyone. Today we are going to take a look at the Eye of Eternity, where a big meanie named Malygos is plotting a war against all of those magic users, so it is up to you to stop him. It might be a little scary, I know, but I am gonna explain how to destroy him and save Dalaran! Yay!

When you head inside, you will be on a large circle floating in space. Very pretty. Malygos flies overhead, not noticing you until you shine a big flashlight up at him. You have time to prepare. Hand out cookies and strudel, buff your friends, maybe not that stinky kid. When the time is right, put your key into the big flashlight and bring him down. Since he is a Dragon with bad breath, you will need to face him away from everyone else, otherwise you will be stinky too. Though, you don’t need to worry about his tail. Every so often he will summon a Power Spark to make him even more mean. It is your job to down it… so you can use it!

If the Power Spark is dropped on the ground, you can step in it and become mean! Mean is good! Put more Sparks together and you become super mean! Super mean is awesome! If you have lots of stabber guys, let them in on the meanness. If you have lots of magic guys (who Malygos hates, so they need to be extra mean to him), they can put it where they want. When you have a Mean Puddle or 2 (or stacked), it is time to be Heroic or Lust for Blood (curse you, required Vampire curriculum). But, be careful about your timing. Malygos may suck you up into a tornado and drop you. Very important for your BoobooSquad to be at the ready after this.

Once he has been hurt a lot, he will leave. He will leave because he is scared. His friends will come to his side and circle around you all and they will yell, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” The guys in the air will throw milk cans at you and hurt you a lot, unless you are in the magical sphere of lactose intolerance.  Your StabbyCrew will need to steal the floating trashcan lids when you push the bullies off of them. Your MagicCrew will need to shoot at the Milkthrowers. Once all the bullies are knocked down, Malygos will sneak attack. Luckily, there is a teacher nearby.

As you are falling through space, Mrs. Alex S. Sza will show up with the Hall Monitors to help you. It is important that you stick together, there is strength in numbers. Don’t get too close to Malygos… he is stinky. Your StabbyCrew will go on the offensive and repeat the Mantra, “One, One, One, One, One, Two, One, One, Two, One, One, Two, etc.” Your BoobooSquad will go on the Defense and patch up everyone with a little, “Three, Three, Three, (occasionally) Four, Three, Three, Three, (occasionally) Four.” Since Malygos is the biggest bully around, he will single one of you out and call you names. That is when you have to say, “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but Names will never hurt me (press 5 with a combo point active).”

Once the Hall Monitors have had their way with Malygos and take him off to Detention, the nice teacher will hand down a chest full of toys for playtime before naptime.




3 responses

21 04 2010

I find it really sad that people still find this fight that difficult, it is really a simple fight, as long as you actually pay attention to your surroundings.

Just an added note, I did notice that for the “StabbyCrew” to hit 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2 followed by 1, 1, 2. For those that don’t know why the opening set is different, the more stacks of 1 (up to a max of 5) causes the 2 to last longer, but after the first set, subsequent sets simply refresh the stack. So, you start with a longer opener, but in the end it does much more damage.

Good post!

21 04 2010

It boggles my mind how people have such little awareness, in any sort of situation. They don’t watch their health and they die while standing in goop/thunderstorm/spinningaxe/whirlwind/etc. Most people would rather put in as little effort and die, as opposed to moving and reacting. The latter does a better job in the long run. The former is them being carried.

A druid healer that was with me did P3 entirely turned away from the boss and doing no heals. No DPS. No heals. Purely carried.

21 04 2010

Oh, phase 3 Malygos, how you bring back memories of Nagrarok & I being the last remaining people alive…

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