LFD Tips and Tricks

17 05 2010

Remember back in the day when you got your gaming magazine or you popped over the cheat code central? Well, there are no cheats in WoW (except for the secret easter egg menu accessed by Alt+F4). Let’s say that there are no legal cheats in WoW, except for the various exploits that have yet to be patched, even though they have been around for years. Okay… this is the 2nd worst analogy ever. Tips and Tricks for the LFD: ENGAGE!!!

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That has a nice ring to it…

12 05 2010

As there is a dirth of changes coming in between now and Catalcysm, there has been a slump of blogging. Well, for me at least. I’ve struggled with trying to find something that I enjoy writing about. I love healing, but I can’t find myself writing a topic that hasn’t already been covered in tons of different places. So, I guess I will just post about random things, enjoy.

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A Fool and their Money…

2 05 2010

With the introduction of every new feature to WoW, there is normally a price tag. Companion pets? Cost money. Scaling mounts for all your toons? Cost money. Faction change? Race change? Server change? All money. The amount of money can be reasonable… but when you begin to pair things, it gets a little much. And when things don’t work out, it can quickly snowball. ┬áNot blaming Blizzard for their overpriced services, I blame myself for falling into a situation that destroyed itself by pure coincidence.

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