A Fool and their Money…

2 05 2010

With the introduction of every new feature to WoW, there is normally a price tag. Companion pets? Cost money. Scaling mounts for all your toons? Cost money. Faction change? Race change? Server change? All money. The amount of money can be reasonable… but when you begin to pair things, it gets a little much. And when things don’t work out, it can quickly snowball.  Not blaming Blizzard for their overpriced services, I blame myself for falling into a situation that destroyed itself by pure coincidence.

As you know, I’ve been in a slump of raiding ever since going back to work. A PuG here, vacation nets me a guild run there. But… it wasn’t enough. The main reason why I left a really old guild to move to Concedo Nulli was for the schedule. The structure. But, when I adopted a new one that was more reasonable (work), I had to leave another behind. For months I had asked to reshift my schedule at work, yet to no avail. A coworker rose in the ranks of his guild on another server, in another faction. 55$. Seemed reasonable at the time. I’d be healing in his 10m on Thursdays and Sundays, maybe even see a LK kill. So, I transferred.

Nagrarok the Troll Shaman was born… well, not really born. I transferred over, did a PuG Patchwerk (it was their weekly, which I was not eligible to do), topped DPS:

After this I texted my friend, "If I'm topping DPS, your server sucks."

I sent a tell to one of my friend’s guild’s officers to get in. Got in, logged off shortly after. Went to bed. Got up, went to work, high-fives were shared. Logged in, did my random heroic. Logged off… it didn’t feel right, really. Went back and saw there was a new Message of the Day, something about how it had been fun, but real life mattered more. Alright, I get it. Someone needs to get bearing on RL and to do that, WoW needed to be quit. The next day I log in to see, “This guild is done. Leave whenever you please.” Fuck… there goes my 55$, right?

Well, we shall see what happens. Today my eligibility opens up for a transfer once again, but my friend may have a plan or the ability to continue to run his 10m. If not, I’ll be heading back to Khadgar eventually… I hate the prospect of 110$ being gone from my bank in the span of 96 hours.

ProTip: When doing a Faction and Server Transfer, delete your namesaving toon first and don’t change your name to your wanted name when doing your Faction change portion. It will still be flagged for changing when you try to log in.



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