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12 05 2010

As there is a dirth of changes coming in between now and Catalcysm, there has been a slump of blogging. Well, for me at least. I’ve struggled with trying to find something that I enjoy writing about. I love healing, but I can’t find myself writing a topic that hasn’t already been covered in tons of different places. So, I guess I will just post about random things, enjoy.

Running around Dalaran on my Warlock, opened my character frame and I have 1 title: the Patient. Athesh the Patient… nah, I’m pretty impatient on my Warlock. My Shaman has 10+ titles, but I always go naked. My Druid is in the same boat as my Warlock. So, I began to think about something: Athesh of the Nightfall. Sometimes I go Affliction and when I see Nightfall proc, I get happy. An evil smile crosses my face. This led me to think… what are some other titles that go well with certain classes/roles? Champion of the Naaru would be great for any Spacegoats, too bad you can’t really get it anymore. Brewmaster is good for Dwarves.

Roles –

  • Tank: the Celestial Defender (Realm First Algalon 25), Stone Guard (No longer available)
  • Healer: Elder (Lunar Festival Meta), Matron/Patron (Children’s Week Meta)
  • DPS: Grunt (No longer available)

Classes –

  • Death Knight: , Death’s Demise (Realm First Yogg-Saron 25)
  • Druid: , Guardian of Cenarius (Exalted with Cenarion Circle and Expedition), Starcaller (Algalon 10)
  • Hunter: Centurion (No longer available)
  • Mage: Chef (Cooking), Flame Keeper/Warden (Midsummer Meta), the Magic Seeker (Realm First Malygos 25)
  • Paladin: Crusader (Exalted Argent Champion), the Undying (The Undying Achievement), the Argent Defender (A Tribute to Insanity Achievement), the Argent Champion (Exalted with Argent Dawn and Crusade)
  • Priest: Loremaster (Loremaster Achievement),
  • Rogue: the Insane (Insane in the Membrane Achievement)
  • Shaman: the Astral Walker (Algalon 25)
  • Warlock: of the Nightfall (Sartharion 3D 10), the Hallowed (Hallow’s End Meta)
  • Warrior: Warlord (No longer available)

So… what are some titles that you’d like to see implemented into the game for your favourite class. I’d love to see Farseer put in. 😛



4 responses

12 05 2010

I also think “the Patient” is a suitable title for rogues or kitty druids … thinking like an assassin lying patiently in wait. Unfortunately, “the Patient” is usually just a codeword for “completely impatient twit in my pug.”

A few of the titles I’d like to see added:
– Exarch
– Hellcaller
– of the Earthen Ring
– Anchorite

17 05 2010

Exarch is pretty cool. I’d like to see some more of Blizzard’s other games tie-in of titles.

the Tormenter
, Queen/King of Blades

12 05 2010

Sparkle Death Princess Demeternoth (For owning that retarded horse made from the tears of noobs)
Unholy Mother Demeternoth (should link to Children’s Week)
Demeternoth the Avenger – for all DKs who beat up Arthas, I mean, after what you go through in that starter zone ….

I also think ‘the Undying’ is good for any class with any kind of resurrection ability, but is more specifically apt for Death Knights or the Forsaken given that we are raised from the dead.

17 05 2010

the Avenger would be sweet if you had someone to follow you around and saying, “Avenger,” but they rolled the R for an obnoxiously long time. 😛


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