LFD Tips and Tricks

17 05 2010

Remember back in the day when you got your gaming magazine or you popped over the cheat code central? Well, there are no cheats in WoW (except for the secret easter egg menu accessed by Alt+F4). Let’s say that there are no legal cheats in WoW, except for the various exploits that have yet to be patched, even though they have been around for years. Okay… this is the 2nd worst analogy ever. Tips and Tricks for the LFD: ENGAGE!!!

Tank: Ever since the first day of the LFD, your queues have been short. You laugh as DPS wait 10+ minutes and healers, while having near instant queues as well, still have up to 5 minute queues on occasion. The easiest way that people have found to make money in real life is to find something marketable and offer it at a fair price. By allowing someone to join your group, you speed along their process, making things go a little faster. With that in mind, a price needs to be settled on. Those that have already taken the initiative have priced out anywhere from 15g to 50g. Taking the 50g model, you are making ~76g just from doing the dungeon for 1 person added to your group! Plus anything that drops and can be sold at a vendor. Simple cash. Simply efficient.

Heals: You are in the same boat as Tanks. You can offer a space in your queue time to speed along things. Most tanks, once you reach an appropriate gear level (not gearscore) that allows you to maintain yourself while not needing to break for mana, will want to chain pull. Chaining an instance is the easiest way to speed things along. Looting while the DPS is fending off those last few mobs also speeds things up. If need be, offer up some of your own DPS to bring down bosses/mobs easier. If you are a Shaman, Wind Shear is awesome for cutting some of the BS (Shadow Blast, I’m looking at you).

DPS: You have the unfortunate situation of having the longest queues. While waiting for said queue, you may find yourself away from the computer. If you aren’t there to click Yus, you will find yourself in an even more unfortunate situation. Here are some simple things you can do:

  • Sit in Dalaran and banter back and forth in Trade Chat. This may lead to a drop in your IQ or general mood level and is not recommended if you want to keep your sanity.
  • Do some dailies. With the Argent Tournament and the Sons of Hodir around still, you can spend the duration of your queue making a little cash.
  • Ask if any tanks or healers are willing to queue with you to speed things along.

General: Be nice to people. If a question is asked, no matter how dumb it may seem, we may have been in that person’s position at some point too. Even if a run goes silent, people will usually thank people for the run. I found this to be an odd practice, as what were you going to do… kick them? If I’m not in the mood for talking, I have a General Macro that I use, very simple, “/p Take care.” You can add in a “Good job.” or something along those lines. A lot of people are in these dungeons to get in and get out. Whenever I am tanking, I ask if people wish to skip bosses. Not even may not be in your position with emblems and may wish to stockpile some more. Better to ask than to have them rant about it and then /ragequit.

Exploits: There are exploits in the game that were mentioned before. These are against the ToS, but aren’t really enforced. I’m not saying to use them, nor do I say that I use them. If a group member plans to use an exploit and you are uncomfortable, ask for it to be done the normal way. Don’t just go along with the crowd if it really rubs you the wrong way.

Have fun and keep blazing… trails. 😛




One response

17 05 2010

‘Sit in Dalaran and banter back and forth in Trade Chat’ best idea for dps like me for when we get in the group what ever anyone says it wont be as bad as what just happened in tradchat. my big tip would be party with friends better take some backup in there special if Your a new 80 that’s not doing massive dps the more people you know in the group the less chance off you getting voted kicked for perfectly fine dps. I wonder if any off what i just typed made any sense.

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