lol u mad, bro?

1 06 2010

Howdy. I’ve been settling into a new job and have been enjoying it. Working a new shift, sleeping during new hours. Something struck me as odd today, though. A friend came up to me and said, “If [person I know who is kinda scrubby] downed Lich King, would I have to elohel, you mad, bro?” Got me thinking… does that kind of thing irk you?

Not saying that I wouldn’t be happy for the person. But, I would’ve known that they were carried. They wouldn’t have put in as much time as I did. As much effort. As much strategizing with the current raid composition that I am forced into using. Back in BC, I started a character after a friend had been playing WoW for months and I beat him to 70. He got me back by raiding SWP and completing it. Though, I know he was being carried along (Enhance DPS wasn’t that good back then). Was I mad? Nope. I wasn’t into raiding. I barely got geared enough in BC to do Kara and I was being carried into it.

When Wrath launched, I made a DK on my home server and transferred it over. Once again, I beat him to max level and joined his guild, raided Naxx, yet was passed over constantly for raid spots so I headed back. He got his Rusted Drake in Ulduar, downed ToGC10/25, and is working on ICC25 hard modes. Do I mind? A little bit. Were I in his position with his raiding schedule, I’d be able to do that to. Yet, when I come home, I am completely run down from work and I can’t sleep, so it forces my sleep schedule away. I raided with my guild last raid lockout 2/4 of the days and did the first 9 bosses in ICC10. I was happy. Blood Queen hadn’t been downed before and Professor Putricide was the guild’s second downing.

The same thing could be along the lines of: You’ve been working on content and the night that you don’t show up or can’t, they go and do what you’ve been working towards. Snagging a progression kill. Downing a new hard mode. Leaves you thinking, “Was I the one impeding progress?” That kind of thing can sit with out, nag at the back of your head. I’ve been in situations where people have been like, “Well, we did it. No reason to do it again.” No joke… and it sucked that I wasn’t there for it and probably won’t get another chance.

I have been trying to work my schedule to be able to down at least Lich King before Cataclysm and I probably will… when the buff is 30%, haha. Will I be mad if I don’t? Not mad, so much as disappointed. I’ve seen the fight. I know the mechanics. My ability to be there is the only thing in question and I feel as if I’m letting people down by not being there. If I end up keeping my job in healthy standing and down Lich King, I’ll be happy. If not, oh well. Maybe next time.




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