Resto Shaman, circa 4.0.1

25 10 2010

We’re about a week or so into this new patch and the dust is starting to settle. Bugs are being hammered out for other classes, but I guess Shamans are in a decent place. So, let’s begin. Well, there really is nothing new… actually, meet me after the break.

Toolbox: Our spell book has grown a tiny bit.

  • Greater Healing Wave: This is our bomb heal. It has a long casting time, heals for a lot, and costs around 3-4 times more than Healing Wave, yet only a slight bit more than Healing Surge.
  • Totem of the Tranquil Mind: Concentration Aura, basically, yet 5% less. Odd.
  • Healing Surge: This is what Lesser Healing Wave has been renamed. It costs about 3 times more than Healing Wave, gets there around .8s faster, and is about 2-2.5x more potent.

As far as these spells go… you’ll pretty much be doing the same thing until Cataclysm. CH spam is a lot better now that all HoTs from Chain Heal (Earthliving, Chained Heal) can crit and are affected by Haste. Also, Chain Heal hits four people without a Glyph, and the Glyph increases the potency of the bounces, yet drops the first heal by 10%.

In dungeons and the few raidsI have done since the patch dropped, I have been pretty much doing the same thing. That is the thing. Shamans haven’t changed that much. Mana is less of an issue for Shamans after switching to spirit. I now have about twice of the in-combat regen that I used to. Heroic Saurfang used to push my mana to the limit and the other night, I ended with 50% mana. This can also be attributed to the Chill of the Throne being gone, so there isn’t as much splash from Mark of the Fallen Champion, but even so, I was basically trying to burn my mana.

To accommodate the new spell, I have altered my mouse setup. Left Click is now Healing Wave, whereas it used to be Lesser Healing Wave. Healing Surge is now ScrollUp and Greater Healing Wave is ScrollDown. In a dungeon/raid, I can move over grid and just flick my mousewheel up to drop some really quick and hard healing on people extremely quickly.

  • Left Click: Healing Wave
  • Right Click: Chain Heal
  • Button5: Earth Shield
  • Button4: Riptide
  • ScrollUp: Healing Surge
  • ScrollDown: Greater Healing Wave

Much of the synergy that existed before is still around. Riptide/Chain Heal still procs Tidal Waves, which now hastens Healing Wave and Greater Healing Wave, still giving the crit chance of Healing Surge. Healing Wave, Greater Healing Wave, and Riptide 100% proc Improved Water Shield, Healing Surge at 60%, and Chain Heal [bounces] at 30%. Nature’s Blessing is the new version of the old Lesser Healing Wave glyph, yet it now applies a 15% increase to all direct heals on an[y] Earth Shield’d target. So, you can Riptide a Tank, if Earth Shield is up you are getting a 40% boost on CH, which will disseminate to the bounces at a larger rate from the Glyph of Chain Heal. Speaking of Glyphs…

  • Prime Glyphs: Earth Shield, Earthliving, Riptide, Water Shield
  1. Earth Shield: Increases the potency of Earth Shield by 20%.
  2. Earthliving: Increases the potency of the Earthliving HoT by 20%
  3. Riptide: Increases the duration of Riptide by 40%.
  4. Water Shield: Increases the passive mana regeneration of Water Shield by 50%.
  • Major Glyphs: Chain Heal, Healing Wave, Healing Stream Totem, Totemic Recall, Stoneclaw Totem
  1. Chain Heal: Decreases the direct heal of Chain Heal by 10%, but increases the potency of the subsequent bounces by 15%.
  2. Healing Wave: Heals you for 20% of the total healing from Healing Wave.
  3. Healing Stream Totem: Basically merges the Healing Stream Totem and Elemental Resistance Totem into 1 totem.
  4. Totemic Recall: Causes your Totemic Recall to return 50% more mana from recalled Totems.
  5. Stoneclaw Totem: Places an absorb shield for 4x the shield it puts on the Totems. (Early reports say it is a 16k bubble at 85, yet less useful at 80)

As for Minor Glyphs, take what you want. They are mostly for fun, with the exception of Glyph of Renewed Life, unless you want to always carry Ankhs with you. Haha. The choices are relatively straight forward. What is a bit less straight forward? Talents.

There are a few talent specs out there right now. The problem with the Restoration tree, not so much a problem as an irking, is that you are required to take an oddball talent in order to go down. You’ll see what I mean. I’ve spoken before, but here are the oddball/situational talents:

  1. Ancestral Resolve: Reduce damage taken while casting by 5-10%. If you aren’t casting, you aren’t getting this buff. If you are chain casting, it is great for AoE heavy fights or right before a huge AoE hit and you can’t get out soon enough. 20k drops to 18k, which could save your life, especially if you time the heal to land right AFTER the AoE hits. Back to full, baboom.
  2. Focused Insight: After casting a Shock spell, reduces the mana cost of the next heal by 25-75% of the Shock’s mana cost and also increases the effectiveness of the heal by 10-30%. This is gonna be great for Healing Rain, I can feel it. Right now, you lack the Hit rating, so you can’t really rely on it to be there when you need it. But, if you cast Earth Shield, Riptide, Earth Shock, Chain Heal on a tank, you are getting about 70% improved Heal, unless they don’t stack like that.
  3. Cleansing Waters: Reduces the mana cost of Cleanse Spirit by 20-40% and if an effect is dispelled, heals the target for X amount. We got gimped in this. We can only cleanse Magic and Curses now. If we still had Poison/Diseases, this would be amazing. On H Rotface the other night, I was feeling it hard. I’d see a ridiculously long uptime of the disease and could really do nothing about it except cue up vent and say, “Could you guys get on top of that, please?” If you don’t have anything to dispel, this talent goes to waste.
  4. Telluric Currents: Casting Lightning Bolt refunds 40% of the damage done as mana. I have heard that this is really good now, but isn’t as good at 85. Once again, if you lack the Hit rating, you can’t count on it, but you will just be spamming LB to get mana back, so there isn’t really cause of concern. Also, this talent is just out of reach unless you take one of the above talents… so, why is it on the list? 😛

This is what I am using currently: Blessing of the Eternals lost the 4% crit, but it is still useful, though a bit less so. At 85, I am gonna pop over to Elemental and grab Acuity for the 3% crit and then I might go forAncestral Swiftness or maybe jumble some things to max out Focused Insight.


Haste is still King, if not more so. The haste cap for Healing Surge is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1400 and any more is only going to benefit Healing Wave, Greater Healing Wave, Chain Heal, as well as all of our HoTs… all three of them. You will have lost a lot of crit from talents, but it is okay. Crit is still around on gear. If you feel like you have a lot of Spirit, feel free to reforge some of it into Haste. I haven’t gone that far, mainly because it is at the end of the expansion and all of the gear is going to be replaced at some point. Mastery? Don’t bother. The health pools are still small yet and if someone is going down fast, they are gonna go back up really quickly. Intellect is where we get our spellpower from now and it is a Red category gem. It still gives mana too, so congrats on getting a free 6k-10k boost to your mana pool overnight.

Gripes: I find it a bit odd that Healing Wave, Greater Healing Wave, and Chain Heal all share the same cast time. In this age (between 4.0.1 and Cataclysm), it’ll be most beneficial to just Chain Heal spam, as while costing 2x the mana of Healing Wave, it has a lot more throughput. If they lowered the cast time of Healing Wave by 5s, putting it a bit more in the “mid-range” heal category, I’d be content. Healing Surge at 1.5s, Healing Wave at 2.5s, and Greater Healing Wave/Chain Heal at 3s. The throughput just isn’t there for it to be that slow.

I think that is all that I have, if I remember anything else, I will put it up in the future. Feel free to comment.




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