About Nagrarok

Hello thar. My name is Nagrarok, a Draenei Shaman on Khadgar-US. I’ve dabbled in all trees, but I tend to find Restoration to be my main home (though I do enjoy hurling Lava every once in a while). Why am I writing a blog? I’ve no idea. Just to talk about stuff in my daily life, raiding, concepts, pet peeves, epic failure, etc. So, I hope you enjoy.

If you’re in the Stormstrike battlegroup, be on the lookout for the following toons:

  • Nagrarok – Resto/Ele Shaman – Armory
  • Sichae – Bear Tank – Armory
  • Siofra – Destruction Warlock – Armory

Note: I may be Elemental some times, but I just bought it to do Dailies… I swear.


One response

2 09 2010
Harlem The Microfone Lozer

Yo 🙂
I’m a Resto Shaman too! I’m a male Troll tho, playing in the RTK private server. Yeh, this character is definitely my home! Not really my first, considering the fact that I have created several characters in different classes which didn’t work for me! What I like about him is, his spells are easy to manage, yet its efficient and powerful!

I’m having a lil decision to make b/w which I am going to focus: mana per sec or spell power? I know haste rating is my main priority, but I wanna know an alternative. Pls help me.

Yeh, I’m starting a Protection Dwarf Pallie right now.

It’s nice to meet you tho 🙂

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