Blog Titles?

Any time I am about to write a blog post, I put iTunes on shuffle and wait until I find a track that fits in with my mood. I will update this page with the tracks and their respective artists.

  • Safewaters – Chevelle
  • never give up – mc chris
  • hijack – mc chris
  • 006 – mc chris
  • Fire Water Burn – Bloodhound Gang
  • Under my Voodoo – Sublime
  • Down in Flames – Reel Big Fish
  • The Metric System – MC Lars
  • This Is Not A Test – She & Him
  • Ban the Tube Top  – Reel Big Fish
  • Grey Dawn – South Park, Season 7, Episode 10 (no music today, just Netflix)
  • Two Words – Kanye West/Mos Def/Freeway/Harlem Boys Choir
  • The Machine Girl – Crazy Japanese revenge gore flick on Netflix.
  • Sleep Now in the Fire – Rage Against the Machine
  • older crowd – mc chris
  • Dismantle Me – The Distillers
  • Hairline Fracture – Rise Against
  • Fiery Crash – Andrew Bird (decided to switch it up a bit)
  • Fumes – Aesop Rock

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