Resto Shaman, circa 4.0.1

25 10 2010

We’re about a week or so into this new patch and the dust is starting to settle. Bugs are being hammered out for other classes, but I guess Shamans are in a decent place. So, let’s begin. Well, there really is nothing new… actually, meet me after the break.

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Old Buddies, you and I (Restoration Guide 3.3.5, addendum)

10 08 2010

Let me tell you a story… (and talk about how to use those spells in your book to heal people)…

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lol u mad, bro?

1 06 2010

Howdy. I’ve been settling into a new job and have been enjoying it. Working a new shift, sleeping during new hours. Something struck me as odd today, though. A friend came up to me and said, “If [person I know who is kinda scrubby] downed Lich King, would I have to elohel, you mad, bro?” Got me thinking… does that kind of thing irk you?

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Childhood Raid Guide: The Eye of Eternity

21 04 2010

Hello kids, welcome to the Childhood Raid Guide. Another thing for me to play around with. The background: Malygos was the Weekly on Khadgar this week and I thought to myself, “Oh gosh… this is gonna be terribad. No one knows how to do this.” I saw in /2, “LFM [Malygos Must Die!], link achievement.” Now, normally I am against this, but for a fight as such, it helps for people to know what they are doing and it is over a year old… if you haven’t done it, there are very few excuses. We got in there, sparks weren’t stacked. We were running melee heavy with only 1 ranged, and the DK who we assigned to position/stack sparks was dropping them on the other side of the platform. Drake fighting was terrible… everyone died because they didn’t know that if you sit on top of Malygos, you get hurt and die rather fast. But… that is for later. Let us begin.

Malygos is mean, covets Magic, and has very stinky breath.

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New Attunements

19 01 2010

Being that today is maintenance day and I work the graveyard shift, I won’t be playing today. Instead, I shall present a small food for thought kinda thing that I come up with at work the prior night at flesh it out a bit every Tuesday morning. Stay tuned for the next post on Thursday, which will be about something, hopefully more interesting.

I know what you’re thinking, “Nag, there are no attunements anymore, unless you are talking about the simplistic ones for the new 5 mans. GTFO.” Nah, that is not what I’m talking about. It is a commonly recurring thing on my server, only Alliance side that I’ve seen thus far. It is a cold day in /2, your want to warm up your bones with some raiding. What is a person to do? “[role] LFG any raid” amirite?

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Trial Thoughts

8 09 2009

Last night was the last night of the raid week and we pushed full into ToC10. We downed Northrend Beasts with little afterthought, same with Jaraxxus. Faction Champions, which had been giving us problems due to lack of PvP knowledge, was finally squashed. Having never seen Twins, we one-shot them. Then two-shot Anub’arak. Now that I’ve experienced the full raid, here are some of my thoughts.

Northrend Beasts:

  • Gormok the Impaler: Simple tank and spank with some add-age. Each Snobold can toss fire bombs and I’ve noticed their damage ticks immediately, sometimes before the visual effect is even up.  Also the Impale debuff stays on the tanks after Gormok has been downed. Kinda dumb, but it makes sense… I guess.
  • Acidmaw and Dreadscale: No matter how much you tell a person with toxin to run to someone with Burning Bile, they are unable to do it for whatever reason. Haha. Other than that, it is a rather straightforward fight. I’ve noticed that if a worm is burrowing while the other one is downed, the one worm left won’t enrage like it should. Tsk tsk.
  • Icehowl: Tank and spank. Little to no heals necessary. I’ve been able to sit out of casting for the longest time and regen more than half my mana very quickly. Knockback, run out of the way, pwn face, ???, profit.

Lord Jaraxxus: A good fight, in my mind. DBM was kinda borked the first couple of weeks with compounding error noises destroying my ear drums. Incinerate Flesh is a kind of fun mechanic, I suppose. Though I dislike when the people with it run away from the healers. Legion Flames is interesting with its “only spawns a fire patch after a little while and you have to be clearly out of the effect for it to stop damaging you.” Fun fight.

Faction Champions: I hate this fight. I PvE for my epics so I don’t have to PvP. I detest PvP. This fight gave the raid group so many problems due to not having the proper CCs, which goes against Blizzards “Bring the Player, Not the Class.” Then again, it also requires people to properly use CCs, but we only downed this fight due to our tank being the last one alive versus the hunter. And it hurts so much because the last two fights are easy sauce and this one is such a roadblock for us. Not for other guilds, I guess.

Twin Val’kyr: My favourite fight of the entire raid. Growing up, I used to play Ikaruga a lot and if you don’t know what that is, just take this fight and turn it into a shmup. I found myself just not healing and running around to pick up orbs because I saw them floating around. It was a 1shot with 15 seconds off of the speed kill achievement. After Faction Champions, it is a much needed break.

Anub’arak: Another easy fight, really fun. Forgot to check for the typo to see if it is in normal 10man. Kiting spikes into Permafrost, keeping people intentionally low during the last bit of burning. Compared to Yogg-Saron and Kel’Thuzad, this fight is supremely easy. I don’t expect to see it on Heroic for a while, especially with Faction Champions being a problem as it is.

So, there you have it. My thoughts (kind of) on the new raid instance. It is too short, difficulty is schizophrenic. Some of the fights are majour fun. I’d rather have a Yogg kill under my belt, though. 😥 /sadpanda

How to Wipe Effectively (Fumes)

26 07 2009

Ever wonder why there aren’t that many toilets in the WoW universe? It is because not everyone knows how to wipe. *crickets*

May I have some toilet paper?

May I have some toilet paper?

So… yeah, let’s talk about wiping. A wipe is a term that is generally feared by people. It typically means a failure and isn’t always fun. We’re not gonna get into the analysis of a wipe. I’m just going to tell you how to wipe, just like your parents should’ve taught you a long time ago. Main Tank is dead, Healers are dead, no battle ressurection is availabe. Wrap things up as quickly as possible to get back in action as soon as possible. If you try to drag it out, you will more than likely irritate someone. It is just good manners.

Taunt the Boss: If you’re a class with a high threat ability or a taunt, and a wipe has been called, taunt the boss. Then, for added fun, go stand next to the Hunter that decided to Feign Death. He can’t res effectively, why should s/he escape death? Another method to “Taunt the Boss” is to just stand at the feet of the boss and wait for him to pick everyone off one by one.

Environment/Boss Mechanics: If you’re in an encounter like Thaddius, and a wipe has been called, just run into the opposite group. Even if you manage to get to the other side of the room, he will tend to hurl a giant ball of lightning at you, killing you. I recall a Hunter trying to FD in this room and locked everyone in combat, unable to zone in, for a decent amount of time, aggravating everyone in the group. Another example would be Ignis, Razorscale, or any encounter that has something you shouldn’t be standing in. Go stand in it.

Note: Yes, there are some encounters where you can get out unscathed (Freya will reset if you run to the door). Huzzah, you don’t have to pay a few paltry gold. The longer your antics drag any encounter out, the longer it’ll take to recover (people can’t zone in while an encounter is in progress), the less time you’ll have to work on the encounter, and the higher the chance you will get on people’s nerves. A lot of what I write is based on my experience with raids, both Guild and PuGs.

If a wipe has been called, one of a few things can happen:

  • Tanks shall switch out of stances/forms/presences and just kinda stand around.
  • Healers shall stop healing and just kinda stand around.*
  • DPS will run around with their heads cut off because when Omen (or any threat monitor) signals an aggro warning, DPS always run away from the tanks. It is just something that tends to be true.

*If you are a Shaman with Reincarnation off of CD, or a person with the ability to res others and have a Soulstone active on you, get as far away from the original point of the Boss to ensure you won’t pop back up in range of him to aggro onto you and waste your ability.

As players, we don’t raid to have a miserable time and waste our money. We do it to have fun. By dragging out recovery time and pulling at people’s nerves, you are making things less fun and wasting time. As one of my guilds used to say, “Less suck, more awesome.” Have fun and know when to roll over and die. Dailies are there to aide in repair bills, we all have to pay them at some point.