Cataclysm for the Shaman

19 12 2010

It has been 2 weeks since Cataclysm came out. I hit 85 on the Wednesday after launch. Got up at 3, played until work, got home at 3:30, played for 12 hours, did the same thing until 11:54 on Wednesday night when I hit 85 and then logged off for bed. Not really worth it. The rest of the guild is just now hitting 85, so now we can start doing normal/heroic farming to one day raid again. But, enough about me. Let’s talk about the state of Resto Shamans right now.

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A Whole New Ballgame (Restoration Shamans in Cataclysm)

13 09 2010

The PTR just came up recently with, which will be the pre-Cataclysm patch to lay some initial groundwork. Contained within is class changes, talent tree changes, and glyph changes. Nothing really else of note. The night it was announced, I was able to get my Shaman over before it became a 3 day way, so I decided to take it for a spin earlier today and here are some of things I’ve seen.

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Speculation Theater, pt. 1

12 08 2009

Listening to: My Gay Shirt by The Grammar Club

Farseer Nagrarok, now garmented in Welfare Badge Gearâ„¢, brings you the first installment of Speculation Theater. In the past few weeks, we’ve gotten a few hints about the future of WoW: Cataclysm, New Races, Icecrown Citadel, Faction Changes, etc. The other day I mentioned something in passing about Raid Boss speculation in 4.x, so I shall reiterate it here. As a warning, I know nothing about Warcraft Lore outside of what I can get from the back of cereal boxes and listening to the Vagina Monologues. Wait… what?

A little background: The Cataclysm is known as the Great Sundering, the destruction of the Well of Eternity which tore the original Kalimdor apart, making the present day Azeroth what it is. If World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is indeed the new expansion, it will most likely be centered around here. There are a few outlying islands around the Eye, which is the center of the Maelstrom, pictured here:



These islands, as well as some a bit more south, are home to Crab people, Naga, Goblins (Undermine). So, for the first raid boss candidate, Azshara. Not the crappy zone with the cliffs of doom, the Ruler of the Naga. She is still living near the Eye in Nazjatar, the Naga City. Raid would probably be full of Naga, maybe Crab people, maybe Murlocs. The fight would probably consist of a charming mechanic, similar to KT’s Chains of Kel’thuzad, as she is a very charming and manipulative person. Perhaps something involving the Sanity mechanic from Yogg-Saron, for shiz and giggles. They’d be able to strip mine this city, making it into a few 5 mans and a raid or 2.

Second raid boss candidate: Sargeras, current Master of the Burning Legion. But Nag, weren’t we done with the Burning Legion in BC? Maybe, but Sargeras had planned to conquest Azeroth in the past thanks to wanting the power from the Well of Eternity. However, when this was destroyed, the only power left was in seven vials containing the essence from the Well. All seven were divied out in some sort of fashion, except the speculation around the seventh believed to be taken by Illidan. Sargeras, being the bastard that he is, hating on the Night Elves for their reckless use of magic, might wish to gain more power than he already has and tap the new Well of Eternity, using his old friend Azshara’s area as a base of operation. Or perhaps he comes back to use our third candidate to destroy Azeroth: a new Old God.

So far, there have only been two Old Gods revealed: C’thun (AQ40) and Yogg-Saron (Ulduar). According to various sources, there are at least four Old Gods, so we’ve got two more to work with. Who could it be? No idea. Maybe when the Well of Eternity was destroyed, some of the imprisonment for this other Old God was broken, slowly being nursed to health by Azshara and Sargeras to destroy all of Azeroth, as most villains are wanting to do. C’thun was a giant eye, Yogg-Saron was a giant mouth… a giant ear, perhaps? Maybe a nose? Who nose? Har har har.

Personally, I’d like to see a fight with the King of Murlocs. Who is with me?

Stay tuned for Speculation Theater, pt. 2, where I shall speculate the inclusion of Worgen into the Alliance and Goblins (much easier to explain) to the Horde.

This is just a test. Trying to feel out something new to write about. Let me know what you think…