LFD Tips and Tricks

17 05 2010

Remember back in the day when you got your gaming magazine or you popped over the cheat code central? Well, there are no cheats in WoW (except for the secret easter egg menu accessed by Alt+F4). Let’s say that there are no legal cheats in WoW, except for the various exploits that have yet to be patched, even though they have been around for years. Okay… this is the 2nd worst analogy ever. Tips and Tricks for the LFD: ENGAGE!!!

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Hairline Fracture (Trial of the Champion, PTR 3.2 pt.3)

11 07 2009

The new 5-man dungeon is playable on the PTR. When I say playable, I mean it isn’t playable.  I wrote my feedback in to Blizzard, which I am sure they are literally inundated with currently. Was looking over my Twitter and saw one from @WoWInsider looking for people on Broxigar (I do believe one of the actually players was Michael Sacco). I hopped on quick and decided to lend my healing talents. Sadly, there really wasn’t that much to do for me in the way of healing, ah well.

Oh default Blizzard UI... how long has it been?

Oh default Blizzard UI... how long has it been?

My experience: So we zone in there and we are the arena that you can see from the outside, slightly larger to accommodate the span of battle. Minimap is busted. Equip my lance, mount up. Yes, it is a vehicle fight based around everyone’s favourite: Jousting. Talk to the due in the center and sit back, because you’ll be there for a good minute or two. Each toon is introduced and their respective faction cheers, then the 3 other champions come in and are introduced.

  • Bug #1: One of the champions was targettable and attackable. Killing him would probably bug the instance, or even attacking him can bug the encounter. We tried a few times with him at 10% and at 100%, but both outcomes were the same.

So after everyone is introduced, Tirion will commence the fight. Making sure to keep Defend up as much as possible did little to help, because the opponents hit like semi-trucks. You are able to swap out to another horse.

  • Bug #2: If you die on a horse, you will critically error, DC, or bug the encounter and make everything despawn. If you swap horses at the most inopportune time (being targeted, just being in the zone), you will cause the mobs to despawn.

Once you’ve down the 3 minor adds of the particular faction for each of the factions, the actual boss champions will engage. Once you knock down their HP enough, you have to trample them to stop them from getting to their horses.

  • Bug #3: If you don’t trample down the enemy and they reach a horse, the encounter will bug, enemies will despawn, encounter will reset.

Thanks to all of these bugs, I didn’t get to see past this first encounter. I’ll try again when they’ve retooled it. I’ve no idea how people actually got to see loot from the Black Knight. That was such a horrible experience… now I understand how frustrating the PTR can be. /sigh