PuG Observations: Top 5 Ways to Die

9 02 2010

I watch people die. A lot. When I’m healing, I do my best to keep them up, but it is more stupidity that kills them. When I’m tanking, I have all the mobs by the balls, so it is hilarious to watch people die and blame me. So, I’ve decided to compile a list, in no particular order, of the ways I’ve seen people commonly die.

5 – Fire Cook Food: After downing the vampire dude and a small winding path, you find some packs of mobs of varying race and class. However, there is one mob in particular, the Twilight Worshipper, that casts a spell called Flamestrike. Similar to the Fire Mage spell, it causes a red Consecration on the ground and deals heavy damage over time… if you stand in it. If you are tanking this mob, move out of the patch on the ground, otherwise your melee DPS might not realize that their screen is flashing red.

4 – Cool guys don’t look at explosions: After downing the first boss in HoL, you come upon the foundry in Halls of Lightning where Slag has fallen to the ground and runs around freely. The general idea is for the tank to gather the mobs to the other side at the base of the stairs and then the group to AoE them, as they explode and deal heavy damage. Melee DPS tends to stay in too long and die, or a straggling Ranged DPS gets pwned. I lol.

3 – Enrage + Strong Attack = Good Times: This one was hilarious and I may have talked about it in a previous post. While tanking on the Bear, I was slashing up Jedoga Shadowseeker and I say, “I’ll just eat the damage, don’t bother attacking the volunteers.” After the first phase, she pops back down with a Cyclone Strike queued up. The Warrior plans to eat it… and dies. During the next volunteer phase, I battle rezzed him. Jedoga landed with another Cyclone Strike, Warrior charges… dead. I want to make a macro for /y¬†Unbelievable.

2. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall: The Forge of Souls dropped with 3.3, an intro instance to the new 5mans based around ICC. There are two mobs in this instance with a Reflection spell. You’ll find your caster DPS dead relatively quickly if they don’t realize it on the trash packs. During the boss fight, it can happen to anyone. If DPS continues on the boss, the damage shall be inflicted upon the person who has their soul mirrored.

1. Can I get some help?: During the development of DPS classes/specs, Blizzard had a thought, “Well, they are going to generate threat.” In thinking this, Blizzard gave tanks a threat modifier, while DPS has a 1 or sub-1 to 1 ratio (damage to threat). Also, they gave them spells such as Misdirection, Feign Death, Feint, Soulshatter, Cower and Tricks of the trade, as well as Threat reduction talents for almost every class/spec. /assist is a good thing to know how to use. If you are at an AoE pack and you choose to single-target, a tank can’t guarantee your survival for being an idiot, especially if you don’t use any of your abilities to remove/negate/dump threat. No one cares how much DPS you do in a Heroic.

There you have it, some common and avoidable ways that I have watched people die. What makes you chuckle or do a /facepalm?



One response

9 02 2010

The Jagoda one made me laugh, I swear I was healing that run for you (or experienced the identical situation). That sort of thing really makes me think to myself, “Should I even bother healing this guy?”

Another one that gets me is the mobs leading up to Volazj in Old Kingdom, they do the shadow crash (like General Vezzax), and while it is difficult to avoid, I recently had someone get hit by three in a row, because the tank picked up all three to AoE them down. Needless to say, that guy wasn’t alive too long.

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